Possible clown outfit in Season 1 or 2?

I know this was an older tweet but @IOInteractive tweeted…


They also tagged the official IT movie twitter account and used the ITMovie hashtag.

Maybe this is a hint towards a future disguise? Or is it a throwback to A New Life in Blood Money where you could disguise as Corky the Clown?


The two have the exact same clothes, and the only difference is that in the tweet 47 is holding a balloon.

What do you guys think? Maybe we’ll be seeing a few throwbacks? Or maybe a few references to the IT movie, as we know IOI are sneaky when it comes to Easter Eggs.

I think this might be either…

  • A teaser for the upcoming challenge pack for October where the reward is a clown suit
  • Or a teaser for a remaster of the classic, and loved ‘A New Life’ mission from Blood Money

It might just be a throwback. Also I would recommend using the Ask HMF Anything thread instead of creating a thread just for one specific question.


I created this for discussion. Like if anyone had ideas for a challenge pack and the reward was the clown outfit or anything else creative.

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The only way this suit should return is as a little easter egg in a season 2 level. If it’s an unlock it’s too forced and the good memories about the clown suit probably get ruined for me.

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Would be a great unlock for a halloween holiday special :smiley:


Maybe that’s the exciting announcement for October? The clown disguise as (unlockable) “suit”.

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i would prefer to unlock the Suits of the Five Fathers instead of a Clown Suit. yes, even Frantz’ red Thong would be better than a Clown Suit…

Blood Money throwback 100%, must say I cant imagine it being an easy disguise to incorporate, kids parties or a circus maybe

i’d prefer to unlock the various suits that 47 actually wore during the 6 games…


The twitter pic looks like it’s just a photoshop, but I wouldn’t mind unlocking it for real.


Lol surprise surprise