Possible Easter Egg with shovel

So @SpirantCrayon22 found a shovel in a cabin you can only get by dumping a body in it and grab it while the doors are open.
That + it being the only shovel + an endless amount of sand on this map, makes me think, there must be something we can dig up!

So, let’s do that people. :smiley:
Share if you find anything!


Which cabin is this?

seems like a unique shovel

In the corridor behind the garage, where the shelf with expired spaghetti is. The cabin is in the corner of the corridor.

does it have a unique description

It doesn’t look unique, other shovels look the same. Same for the description.

I grabbed it.
Nothing special at first look


oh, the handle was clipping into the closet wall lmao

I have to say when I noticed it I wondered that, too. Two obvious places, first is where they’re burying bodies, second is the beach in general especially if there’s a bucket!

Worst-case-scenario answer: Misplaced object. Someone may have meant to place a shovel near a wall beside it, but it was put in the closet by mistake.

…But yeah there’s a good chance it’s related to some easter egg. We know IO loves 'em!


Nothing there… Seems

Oh no, it’s gonna be the dog, isn’t it?


That would be a bummer. Who was map designer of this map? We could ask to rule that one out.

EDIT: Primary Nightcall was designed by Michail Ivanov Nenkov. Doesn’t seem like we can contact that person.


Mate, that’s a target’s name :joy:


good point but posts must be at least 20 characters

maybe put the target in there . . .

Na-ah, still exit via boat

Was there something about finding a bunch of chew-toys? It seems like when I picked up the 2 kiwi squeaky toys, I got a progress bar up in the top right. I put it out of my mind figuring “Well, that’s something that will take a while to do, might as well do it later.” Sort of like hunting the pigeons in Whittleton Creek.

Well, dogs do bury things so… As big as that beach is… Sheesh! Yet, maybe if there are toys or whatever buried in places, hopefully they can be traced to spell out something. Maybe MAX. :joy:

It’s just ‘Don’t Tread On Me!’ discovery challenge.

I found nothing. Not a huge area to run over, so I think I did a good research, but still with no result.

I even knocked out everybody on a map with that shovel (including Alma), but nothing.
So I don’t know if anything could be related

Oh, this is interesting… Let’s get to digging, Agents!!