Possible Hitman 3 Ending

How do you want Hitman 3 to end? Maybe Grey would die? Or Diana? Or maybe IOI should give us a choice for whose gonna die? What are you thoughts?

I don’t know… I fear Grey is going to die, but I don’t like that idea. Maybe he will sacrifice himself, changing his mind at the end for 47. I don’t think that Diana will die. Oh and the constant will be killed, for sure! I hate that guy :sweat_smile:

I would love if IOI would give us a choice. Something like in GTA 5. We can decide if we want to kill Grey, kill Diana or team up and kill the Constant.


Why anybody of ICA should die?
Their enemies, The Providence will certainly die, but not ICA.

HITMAN will continue after HITMAN 3, because IOI seems have just started a new chapter in its life and is not going to dissapear.
As I already said before, the iconic game of the studio can’t die on its own without studio liquidation


Why anybody of ICA should die?
No one said that someone from ICA would die. Besides, Diana has betrayed ICA (and probably she would betray 47).

47 wakes up in a dark room and finds out it was all a dream.
He finds himself chained to his bed. Suddenly a voice fills up the room.

Wake up. Wake up, my friend. It’s the dawn of a new day, and you have things to do!

This should set up things nicely for the next installment.


This reads like a Batman comic.

Aren’t Diana and 47 part of ICA?
Did I miss something and they have left the Agency?

Officialy they are still part of it. But when they didn’t killed Grey, they basically betrayed them by not executing the contract.

For me it’s the scene from the Matrix when Neo falled asleep in front of computer :slight_smile:


Make it a choice, but one thats enigmatic. Like you come into the room with Diana, and a cutscene starts. There is a bit of conversation, the screen goes dark, and there is one last punchline. Not sure if 47 killed Diana or not, but not that it matters as the storyline will probably change next Hitman.

Maybe it has something to do with the “Noones untouchable” line she throws in everywhere.

Oh yes and the killing of Diana’s parents needs to be acknowledged somewhat.

But it would be a third cliffhanger in the trilogy.

like I said, the franchise will probably change after this. I think we are going back in time to do some more generic hits. It won’t matter then, its up to your own imagination.

But, assuming that it would happen, then in the next installment we would know if 47 killed Diana or not.

Considering they can’t milk out this for years (as every major character is becoming older).

Well, if you mean that it would happened before this trilogy, this could work.

Personally I’m more inclined to believe that it’s too early to tell what ending this has. It doesn’t necessarily have to be where someone gets killed. What if Diana Lucas and 47 part ways to their own lives? What if they decide that enough is enough? It’s these sorts of ideas that draws in the curious mind.


Well, IOI have said on their website that “When the dust settles, 47 and the world he inhabits will never be the same again”. So something major must happen in Hitman 3.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the death of key characters

What else can it be?