Possible Hitman 3 locations on Haven Island map

https://i.imgur.com/tJFuAXv.jpg - what you think about it? Let’s discuss. (Screenshot is from reddit)


Where’d you find this? All of these sound awesome by the way but I think we’ll just have six of these

This magazine was in the game since Hitman 2016, i think i saw it either in Sapienza or Marrakesh too.


This magazine is already in Hokkaido since 2016. Forget about it, most likely it’s just IO trolling the players anyway.


Rotterdam hell yeah.

I’m born and raised and still in Seoul, so that’d be cool. Not one of the fancy setting, but narrow and dirty neon-lit alleys which you can jump between buildings would be cool. Not sure if Glacier can handle it.

I actually suggested Vancouver before inside hockey stadium while the game is being played.

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Yeah, Q’s right. This is very much old news, and an out-of-date magazine. Any number of these cities could be (coincidentally) future locations, or none of them at all. So far, the latter is proving to be true.

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Maybe they planned these locations for season 3? XD

What I like more than the list of cities is the number. Season 1 had 6 main missions, season 2 has had 8 now with bank and resort being canon. my hope is season 3 will have 10, and the magazine has 9 listed names randomly, obviously those 9 plus a training mission or a “final mission” location that doesnt feel like a full map.

that is just my wishful thinking though

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By wishing, i wish like 10000 missions

In an ideal world, Hitman would go on creating incredible maps like this till the world ends

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Hull? LOL. Presumably a joke from Sumo Digital there