Possible Hitman 3 Locations?—Specifics

I’ve seen a lot of threads about stuff like different parts of the world that might appear later in the next game. But I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or predictions for the future. I’m talking about specific locations like how Bangkok was in a hotel and how Miami was at a racetrack.
I’m thinking that maybe we would see another boat level—like a cruise ship. Or maybe an airport? I’m just spitballing here but based on what we’ve seen so far what do you think is possible?
Feel free to discuss you guys can also bring up topics like locations in the world since that could relate to the structures or areas 47’s missions might take him to. I’m hoping for Australia Mexico more South America and Africa and maybe Russia


Since Khandanyang/North Korea is a good bet, I’m hoping for town level there.

I want a level in Azerbaijan, Georgia, or Armenia. The whole South Caucasus area is absolutely beautiful, it would make for an amazing level


Better New Zealand/Australia levels. Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Germany; those sorts of levels.


London in Sapienza style


I’m also hoping for some Chinese locations and such. Shanghai would be awesome. I figured there was already a thread for this I didn’t know where though

If we go to Russia you know we have to assassinate a chess player. It’s just fittting


We have already assassinated a chess master in Russia (Cuba is close enough). It was only the second mission in the game.

No, we assassinated a chess master in a shitty cardboard military airfield; I want to assassinated a chess player in Rostov, Kazan, or Moscow, etc.

Oh wait we were in Greenland that is even closer!

Not by much

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True but don’t forget that we have been to Russia in two games now. There are 190 countries in the world and they deserve a little IO attention as well.

Which is why we should assassinate a Chess player in Ukraine instead


I mean I know we’ve had a lot of US levels, but I think they have all been pretty distinct from each other. I wouldn’t mind if we get more US levels in season 3.

Yeah I know I was really harsh. If you want I’ll delete it. No hard feelings.

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I am so fervid I can’t form a cogent response to this.

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Tell you what, I also deleted what I said, however I want it to be known it’s only because I could’ve come up with something more witty

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