Possible Major Spoiler/ Reveal

The Mystery Man that was with Sergei in the introduction to Hitman 2 silent assassin is the mysterious providence figure that we have seen in HITMAN. This would be a good way for IO writers to tie up loose ends and tie in Providence as an important piece in the HITMAN universe, even more so than the franchise. All be it the graphics don’t serve it justice unfortunately but he embodies the main features. Caucasian with slick back hair and medium to skinny build. What do you guys think?



Forgot to add. This would explain how Providence seems to know more about 47 than the ICA and I would not be surprised if they made 47 clones of their own. What if this hole time we have been playing as a providence clone of 47 and the real 47 retired and stopped contract killing since the events of Absolution? This might explain the barcode difference (or it could just be aesthetic) and why he looks like in his late 30s to mid 40s and not in his mid 50s like he did in Absolution. For the future of 47 in my option IO interactive might pull a metal gear and make like a prequel which would be cool in my option. Imagine a Hitman game that took place between the events if hitman 2 and contracts. The posobilities would be endless but eventually 47 has to age and either be replaced and or continue the series with a clone of 47 and or a prequel. That is just my opinion.

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This can work… especially as the motive is “make him work for us”…unless it is refuted by another explanation. :wink:

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This would honestly explain everything in terms of how province is involved in the ort Meyer experiment aftermath.


What’s remarkable is that @HoneyFitz is right about the resemblance of the two character models…
Possibly the biggest catch of anyone who has every played this series! :slight_smile:

I always wondered who that man was but it just barely occurred to me that it can be most likely the same character. Another character that I think should have a slight nod in the future is the random sit rep from the ICA handler Clera which was in Hitman 2. That would be cool

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Amazing to see what 14 years of technology can do in the span of time.


I personally would like to see maybe in the future an appearance of father vitorio. Maybe have a cutscene if 47 ever has a mission in Italy where he stops by to give money to father Vitorio as he does in the book “enemy within”. There are just many characters I would like to see make a cameo or appearance of some sort.


Would be cool if HITMAN 2 had a trailer or opening cinematic that focused on “Mortal Enemies of 47” and the idea was the Constant (aka: Providence Guy) has been behind all the major final villains since HT:SA…

So Providence is connected to Sergey, to Alpha Zerox, even to Alexander Caine…etc.

Similar to the legacy cutscene but instead focusing on the strings and actions going on in the background of 47’ career.

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Correct… that would be a good follow-up…
What is also great about your theory/finding is that it would finally allow most of the series’ overarching tale to make sense, though somewhat too simplified.

Can you imagine Providence Man saying: “Without us, Mr. Rieper, you wouldn’t even exist. Who do you think provided the money, the means, for Dr. Ort-Meyer to do his research? Do you really think the combined wealth of triads, drug cartels, and arms dealers would be enough to do what Ort-Meyer did? We paid for you. You belong… to us.”


But of course… this was done before… It’s the old “It was SPECTRE… the whole time… it was always SPECTRE.”

Some Hitman fans won’t like that… hehehe.


I’ve always thought the constant may be Mystery Man too.

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Sorry but I think it’s pretty obvious there will be no connection with past games. We can look another way as much as we want but starting from season 1 this is a remake.
They are keeping the original story that 47 is a clone made in Romania and stuff like that, but the story has changed.

Shadow client seems indeed so far 47’s friend from childhood. We might even see further more Diana’s past portrayed as the ninja combat girl from the comics.

They redesign the original trademarked weapons and made now the ICA their official brand with a barcode instead of a logo. And this is the first sign.

A part from Diana, 47 and Ort Mayer, I’m sure they are not going to use anything else related to past games.

Will be back here in November to see how much right I am.

The main factor working against this theory is time. Because I’ve never heard of anyone writing a story and saying: “Right… We’ll hide this plot twist for the next 14 years.”

Even if the Mystery Man meeting Sergey turns out to be The Constant… it almost certainly is a retcon where an “expendable extra” got elevated to status of main player. This has happened before though as when Machine Games took a look at Wolfenstein after RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN and decided they wanted a number of the secondary characters to suddenly have supporting and main roles (eg: Anya).

But of course as I said if they do pull this off it will come off as a SPECTRE style plot twist.
It would work very well too. So Never Say Never (Again). :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanted to say the same thing. It will be all a plot at the end that the Mystery man manipulated 47’s life all this time


IO writing team seeing this thread
“shit that would’ve been much cooler”


The main complaint Hitman fans can say about it is that it will be yet another thing Hitman is lifting from the James Bond films… which at this point would be hilarious…

But it would work.

Well 007 was licensed to kill (too) so… :laughing:

ETA: I agree 100%, the character model likeness is dead on! But I’m wondering about the voice. I know I could look it up on YouTube, but I’m at work now… If the voice or mannerisms were similar that’d further cement the idea that they’re the same person. :sunglasses:

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That’s not possible. The whole training prologue, the ‘legacy’ cinematic and Colorado’s ending cutscene suggest that this is the same 47.

Although this is quite possible considering the small changes they’ve made here and there, but I hope that is not true. I absolutely love the original story and I will be sad if they flush it all down the toilet with a reboot just to tell a generic James Bond story that is clearly not as interesting and original as the story of the classic Hitman games.