Post Your Game Screenshots

Pretty self explanatory. Please put the title of the game in the post.

The Forrest:

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Some T-rex fun from Primal Carnage!


Elder Scrolls Online:

I don’t know how I can fucking quote a post here, but your screenshots made me watch some gameplay videos, Terror, and The Forest sure looks like a lot of fun. Is it still very buggy (compared to DayZ for instance)? How much does it cost?

@Whizkey Yes it is still quite buggy, and still very unfinished. There is very little to do at the minute, and a lot of things are not yet build-able. It cost about ÂŁ11 I think

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry


Here are some Dragon Age Inquisition Screens

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Possibly my finest moment.


Seems that this thread has been under the ice for some time now… But it’s the one I wanted to find, since I have one of those “I’m bored, I have to do something” nights. Anyway, over the months and years I’ve made ton of screenshots (almost 3,5k published on Steam to be exact) so I decided to share some of my best I’ve made in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Hope you’ll enjoy, and if you don’t… well… then I’m going to create Hitman Contract about you. So don’t f#@! with me! :smiling_imp:

The Winter Is Here

(Due to the awesomeness of the screenshots, I’ll give a clickable link (name) from now on)

The White Wolf VS A White Wolf
The Concentration
Home Sweet Home
Majestic As F- (don’t mind the d… “private part” please :smiley: )
(NOTE: 100% MODDED) The Nightmare
How Real Men Enter The Boat
Some Wallpaper #1
The White Wedding (Hearts of Stone Expansion)
Geralto Dancerino (HoS Expansion)
Yen’s Alternative Look
Not Here Roach, Look Elsewhere
The Witcher 3: Dark Souls (HoS Expansion)
The Battle (HoS)
VR (18+ :wink: ) (HoS)
Irresponsible Geralt Is Irresponsible (HoS)
Help Me Hooman
Rage Fest
The Messenger
Play Witcher 3 They Said, It Will Be Dark They Said
Overwatch (Main Villain - 100% MODDED)
Da’ Wutcher
Some Wallpaper #2
Some Wallpaper #3
The Disaster Behind (HoS)
The Witcher 3: Dark Souls #2 (HoS)
Gimme Dat Swurd Wutcher!
Ermahgerd Wulf
How Much Would a Witchuck Chuck If a Witchuck Could Chuck Wood?
The Farewell (Blood and Wine Expansion from now on)
En Guarde!
Welcome to Toussaint
Knock, knock
Random #1
Random #2
Random #3
Random #4
Random #5

Hope it didn’t overwhelmed you :slight_smile:


Agent 47 does a shoe shine after he killed Sarajevo Six (PS4) the extractor,unfortunately the Gone With A Bang assassin challenge required a turret kill, so agent 47 became for a brief moment a serial killer…

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Does the challenge work yet BTW?

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Sorry it doesn’t, just tried it now, still broken…

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Damn :confused: Thanks anyways.

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It just so happens that one of my favourite things to do in videogames is take screenshots and use them as my xbox background…

Fallout 4

Dying Light



The world of Morrowind is quite beautiful.

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you have a nice eye i especially like those gta shots

This one I made last year

This happened yesterday


Any kind of comment is always welcomed though…
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - I once thought I could save the world…

Sleeping Dogs - Hey! I’m not a rat!

ABZĂ› - Underwater World
// If you like casual explorational games like Journey, you might like ABZĂ›! Also, please check indie game Lost Ember.

Fallout 4 - I’ve got my eyes on you…

Fallout 4 - 200 years late for a dinner

Dark Souls 3 - One small step for man…

HITMAN - Like a true models

The Witcher 3 - The land of wine
(Full 11040 Ă— 6900 version here)
By the way, does any of you have an idea where can I upload full-sized Nvidia Ansel pictures? Some site like imgur with direct link and with large max. file size (I think full-sized Ansel picture might be around 500MB)