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Hello guys. Nice to see the new forum up and running. I have decided to make this topic as it had existed in the old forum and had some pretty impressive runs. I don’t know if this is the correct category to post in, if it isn’t then I am sure the mods will relocate accordingly.

Anyway, in order to celebrate the announcement of Hitman 3, I decided to do a SA/SO/NKO run of all the maps in Hitman 1 and 2 using just fiber wire and on Master difficulty. As I had intended to just use low mastery/default equipment, weapons like the sieker were not allowed, just for that added challenge. Most of these runs were heavily improvised as I have never done something like this before but nevertheless I hope you enjoy.

PS: These were recorded using my PS4 and as a result there are some ill-timed skips throughout the vids.







Hawke’s Bay:


Santa Fortuna:


Whittleton Creek:

Isle of Sgàil:

New York:

Haven Island:


I decided to the bonus levels since I was bored. Same challenges: no knockouts, no seiker and just using default/low mastery level equipment. Hope you like these runs. Patient zero campaign will be coming soon.


The Icon:

A House Built on Sand:

Holiday Hoarders:

Hokkaido Snow Festival:

As promised the patient zero campaign SONKO with no seiker.

The Source:

The Author:

Patient Zero:

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At risk of seeming that I am spamming this thread, I decided to do the special assignments from Hitman 2 as well. To be honest, I forgot these glorified elusive targets even existed but anyway here they are same as usual: SONKO, master, default/low mastery equipment with no seiker.

PS: Embrace of the serpent is probably the worst mission purely due to RNG and inconsistent AI which can take many tries to get a handle on.

Embrace of the Serpent:

Illusions of Grandeur:

A Silver Tongue:

A Bitter Pill:

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A while back I did a SONKO run of The Finish Line on Master difficulty using the Paranoid Android opportunity to kill Robert and then shot the race car. Just over 3 mins.

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This is my last hooray to this game.

Sapienza SA / SO / No KO / Fiber wire / Default loadout / Master in 3:57

Hokkaido SA / SO / No KO / Fiber wire (One last time mr. Soders) / No loadout / Master in 5:21

I did all other missions in the same category about a year ago, but who cares now.

I have a full playlist of SONKO contracts, these are pretty old but still great

I’ve made this today.
I know it’s very basic, but I didn’t see many other options in these given conditions:

I’ve done several more in the same playlist, if you want.

My first run of Hitman 3. There are a lot of annoying bugs in this game that ruined my 2 day attempt at this level. Anyway, Dartmoor will be uploaded after my exam week is over.


Here some of my SANKO runs so far




I get lost quite a lot in these maps because they are so big. FYI, killing Imogen Royce in the data room if she is the only target left, will trigger THAT unskippable cutscene. I learned that the hard way.




Finally got the last two maps done. Although it looks simple, finding a good way to kill Tamara Vidal took me hours. Hope you guys like these runs.


Carpathian Mountains:

Berlin, SA/SO Master, No Kos/Sieker, Fiber Wire Kills 05:31

I did Dartmoor on master difficulty, it’s sonko and no emetic poisoning.


Also did this one in Mendoza on master difficulty.

Poisoned Tamara and sniped Don.


New route for Chongqing which is about 12 mins faster than my previous strat.

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New routes for dartmoor and mendoza. Really happy with these new strats as they are much quicker and look good when pulled off correctly.



I got a 6:44 on Haven Island (master difficulty). No sieker but I did use emetic poison in the vents. Most runs of this use the electric phone because hardly anyone touched it in H3 yet so here is one without that kill.


Figured this could be a better thread to post this in, this was a fun one to do. Getting the gun was the hardest part because the head turning of that guard was so random. :sweat_smile: