Post your SONKO runs here

Hello guys. Nice to see the new forum up and running. I have decided to make this topic as it had existed in the old forum and had some pretty impressive runs. I don’t know if this is the correct category to post in, if it isn’t then I am sure the mods will relocate accordingly.

Anyway, in order to celebrate the announcement of Hitman 3, I decided to do a SA/SO/NKO run of all the maps in Hitman 1 and 2 using just fiber wire and on Master difficulty. As I had intended to just use low mastery/default equipment, weapons like the sieker were not allowed, just for that added challenge. Most of these runs were heavily improvised as I have never done something like this before but nevertheless I hope you enjoy.

PS: These were recorded using my PS4 and as a result there are some ill-timed skips throughout the vids.







Hawke’s Bay:


Santa Fortuna:


Whittleton Creek:

Isle of Sgàil:

New York:

Haven Island:


I decided to the bonus levels since I was bored. Same challenges: no knockouts, no seiker and just using default/low mastery level equipment. Hope you like these runs. Patient zero campaign will be coming soon.


The Icon:

A House Built on Sand:

Holiday Hoarders:

Hokkaido Snow Festival:

As promised the patient zero campaign SONKO with no seiker.

The Source:

The Author:

Patient Zero:

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At risk of seeming that I am spamming this thread, I decided to do the special assignments from Hitman 2 as well. To be honest, I forgot these glorified elusive targets even existed but anyway here they are same as usual: SONKO, master, default/low mastery equipment with no seiker.

PS: Embrace of the serpent is probably the worst mission purely due to RNG and inconsistent AI which can take many tries to get a handle on.

Embrace of the Serpent:

Illusions of Grandeur:

A Silver Tongue:

A Bitter Pill:

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A while back I did a SONKO run of The Finish Line on Master difficulty using the Paranoid Android opportunity to kill Robert and then shot the race car. Just over 3 mins.

This is my last hooray to this game.

Sapienza SA / SO / No KO / Fiber wire / Default loadout / Master in 3:57

Hokkaido SA / SO / No KO / Fiber wire (One last time mr. Soders) / No loadout / Master in 5:21

I did all other missions in the same category about a year ago, but who cares now.

I have a full playlist of SONKO contracts, these are pretty old but still great

I’ve made this today.
I know it’s very basic, but I didn’t see many other options in these given conditions:

I’ve done several more in the same playlist, if you want.

My first run of Hitman 3. There are a lot of annoying bugs in this game that ruined my 2 day attempt at this level. Anyway, Dartmoor will be uploaded after my exam week is over.


Here some of my SANKO runs so far




I get lost quite a lot in these maps because they are so big. FYI, killing Imogen Royce in the data room if she is the only target left, will trigger THAT unskippable cutscene. I learned that the hard way.