POSTAL (and my interview with Rick Hunter)

I know most people hate this franchise but since i had an interview with the series’ protagonist’s voice actor a week ago, i also wanted to share my interview in here. ignore my shaky behavior xD. I was really nervous talking to this legend of a voice actor.

Fan interview with the iconic voice of the Postal series’ protagonist, Rick Hunter. Apologies for the various interrupting sounds such as breathing and coughing. This was my first interview ever and i made amateur mistakes such as being too close to the mic which led to the random noises, and recording the interview in only 1 audio channel (makes editing hard). Having a cold and being nervous didn’t help things either x). Overall, it was a great honor to talk to the legendary Rick Hunter. He’s a great guy, has an amazing voice and answered all the questions in a very smooth manner, despite stating that he’s not very good at interviews. This interview and call was definitely one of 2021’s highlights for me. Rick, if you see this comment, thank you so much for everything. I hope one day you’ll once again be voicing the dude in a future Postal game… or perhaps even Postal 4. =).


Ah man, great job with the interview. It’s not every day that you get a chance to talk with an actor that voiced one of your favorite video game characters :grinning:

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Haha thanks man. I was rly nervous tho :grin:

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Meant to say, thanks for the compliment, man. I’m really happy about the interview and getting to talk with Rick Hunter personally. I just listened to the whole interview and i’m really happy about the final release.

Btw i’ve noticed you tend to like my posts often and yknow we just get along well in general, man :stuck_out_tongue: . I think it’s cuz i once mentioned you in the hitman shadow video :smiley: . Just wanna say i appreciate you being so cool with me.

I’m embarrassed by a lot of my videos cuz i usually record them either drunk or dead tired xD.

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