Postal_Dude's New Gaming Laptop


Why hello there fellow Hitman fans! Postal_Dude here (that guy from Finland who hasn’t been too active lately AKA the DRIVE fan) and i’ve been really inactive here for the last 2-3 months because my shitty PC broke, but that’s about to change now since my father bought me a high-end gaming laptop as a gift for my birthday which has been absolutely AMAZING so far!

The performance is INCREDIBLE! It runs all the modern games which i’ve tested so far smoothly as butter (50-120 fps on average) and of course i first wanted to test Hitman Absolution and 6 since they’re obviously the most technically demanding and the results were even better than expected!

Here are some pics of the laptop:

And here are some Absolution screenies i took (Ultra settings, maxed resolution)


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