Predictable vs Unpreedicatable AI


What would you prefer, predictable or unpredictable AI. By unpredictable i mean head turning, different paths etc and predictable is similar to what we have now.

Unpredictablilty would make the game harder and more refreshing as things are always a bit different however it would cause some issues, for example, elusive targets

So what do you think?

BTW i have no clue how to make a poll :joy:


Predictable for me, ta.


I would not play the game if all was randomly working, guards having no real routines and so on.


Predictable AI, it’s a fundamental core feature of all HITMAN games.


Predictable. Besides, you have a healthy dose of it being unpredictable at times when you cause alerts or other compromising events. Those are the times when NPCs (specially guards) can give you a nice or a nasty surprise.


I’d prefer a Neural Network that regularly evaluates outcomes and can make adjustments without spawning new objects.

Also that the Neural Network’s evaluation can be checked by the player as part of the scoring screen (for what you contributed to its pool for that playthrough) and on Featured Page for worldwide figures.

The idea is that the Neural Network pools successes and failures… noting what guards did and whether or not assassins succeeded or were killed.

The Neural Network can then adjust tactics and guard placement but cannot change guard types or spawn new items or guards nor can it re arrange other assets like cameras and recorders.

Eg: You check on Featured the Worldwide Security Monitor and note that Viktor Novikov chandelier kills in the main floor of the Palais has gone up such that 30% of the last 100 playthroughs worldwide has used this kill.

There is the probability that CICADA will increase security coverage of this area. But because the set of guards is finite it means other places may have fewer guards.

The AI also has a finite set of enforcers so moving one here will remove one elsewhere.

Note though that the Neural Network can only account for Crimes Noticed and other detected illegal behavior. Accidents, Poisons, and Undiscovered deaths will result in no evaluation.

Also remember that the game evaluates global results locally. So just because it happened in a playthrough of yours, doesn’t mean the same changes happened elsewhere even if someone plays HITMAN 2 simultaneously.

Btw the game already does this conditionally. One of the surgeons in GAMA Operating Theatre is sent upstairs if and only if 47 is disguised as Jason Portman.


Maybe predictable for regular difficulty but unpredictable for master difficulty?


From how I view it, I’m throwing it into two descriptors. Depending on the scenario:

Unpredictable A.I. == Usually more “realistic” (as it can represent uncertainty and the randomness of the human mind at many moments), but is generally un-fun for speed-running, general game-play that relies on repetition or predictability, and newcomming gamers. Even some veterans of, say, HITMAN 2016, for example, dislike the unpredictable headturning A.I. (e.g., TheKotti).

Predictable A.I. == Less “realistic,” and generally the opposite of Unpredictable. This could lead to some longing for those wanting a harder difficulty, as the A.I. could become painfully boring.

Personally, in terms of Hitman, I’d prefer both when applicable. Having the option to select it through difficulty is quite nice, or have it on a level-per-level basis. Levels are harder because the guards are jumpy-er based on the setting, and whatnot. The Sanguine Grunts are less-jumpy and unpredictable, then, say, the Militia of Colorado.


For stealth games? I’d prefer unpredictable. I want to feel satisfied that I outsmarted guards, not that I outsmarted some robots with basic functions implemented into them, that I know beforehand.


This is what I was thinking.


There’s been times when i’ve left a gun on the floor after KOing someone, then i’m not expecting the guard to be taking it to the storage and i’ve been spotted :smile: I suppose they could be a bit more unpredictable or have a bigger route maybe