Previous Hitman Titles “Legacy Style”

I just had a thought, thanks to the Legacy Targets (The Deceivers— And Possibly “The Forger & “The Broker.”)

But going by all the previous targets we have had in past Hitman games (or even current ones; Novikov & Abiatti) Just for fun, which targets would you have liked to see together in one mission and why? Explain your choices and how they could have intertwined with one another and what would their “Name” be? (“The Deceivers”)

For this example: Two different games— Silent Assassin & Blood Money. (Targets can also be from the same game, but just different missions.)

Don Giuseppe Guillani (Silent Assassin)
Vinnie “Slugger” Sinistra (Blood Money)

”The Wise Guys”

image image

Vinnie could have been present in Silent Assassin, alongside Giuseppe, working as a personal bodyguard or hired gun, for example. Giuseppe could have been in his usual spot, while Vinnie could be found roaming the mansion grounds. Occasionally they could meet up and have some dialogue.

On the flip side; Giuseppe could also have been found alongside Vinnie in Blood Money working as a bodyguard, or advisor to Vinnie going over his upcoming court day Etc…

Again, this is just for fun. What would your choices be and why?

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I’d like to see A Dance with The Devil and a House of Cards merged into the same level


The obvious choice would be Sinistra and one of Flatline targets. Because it’s implied those two contracts have the same client - both targets are retired gangsters who will become witnesses in court. “The Gangsters”/“The Witnesses”.

Same reason for Skip Muldoon and Puppy Leblanc/Buddy Muldoon. “The Rednecks” lol

Purayah and Parchezzi for obvious reasons. “The Assassins”.

Didn’t think too hard about those names lol


Haha those are some good choices guys!

How about Jonathan Smythe and Jordan Cross?

“The Orchestrators”

Both musicians that could be working together but are secretly plotting to steal the others material. Mission could be called “Battle of the Bands”