Pro Colorado - Point Man Cannot Talk to Maya Parvati


OK. I don’t know if this is a bug. I’m dressed as Burgess the Point Man. I go to Maya Parvati and I don’t get the prompt to talk to her.

Is this bugged? Or is something different on Pro?

I know some of these opportunities changed in Pro mode. Like how Ezra Berg no longer switches on his bunsen burner in the garage.

Is anything different for the “Point Man” opportunity in this regard? I don’t mind figuring it out, but just seems odd I don’t have the prompt to talk to Maya Parvati while disguised as Burgess.

EDIT: OK… It’s bugged.

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No it should work in pro mode as well, i didn’t have a problem with it on PS4.

Try to restart the mission, i don’t know if it will fix it.

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