Probably why on Xbox you can’t play Hitman 2

When you download hitman2 it says its 50 gbs but when you download it it’s 19 gbs and you only have the training it probably wants you to download hitman goty and hitman gold then you can play also when you look at the campaign you need to redeem a code or download it from hitman 2 standard or gold but when I downloaded it for the first time I got only Miami and sniper assistant him stein so maybe that’s why you can’t play hitman 2 on xbox WB needs to fix this it ben happening for 2 mounts and you probably need to buy hit man 2 on disk because digital version is probably broken

I’m not sure what exactly you are claiming here, but I was able to buy hitman2 digitally over Xbox and download the full game without issues. Gold edition

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Maybe you downloaded Starter Pack.
For some reason the system thinks that Starter Pack is more important then even Gold Edition.
So check it out. If you have downloaded Starter Pack indeed, then delete it. Delete it completely from your console and from your library. Then you should be able to download the full game, either version you have.
If you didn’t buy any version of the game and played only free demo, then everything is correct - free demo allows you to play only training mission.
If you want to play the full game, you need to buy it first, obviously.

Unfortunately I didn’t completely understand your issue, but from what I could, here you go.
And by the way, the full HITMAN 2 game weights about 100GBs, including the Legacy Pack.
The game with all additional content and missions will take you about 150GBs.
Maybe 50GBs is true for standalone HITMAN 2. And I believe the full game can’t weight 19GBs, so most likely you downloaded some demo, that’s the problem. Delete it as I wrote above and install full game and everything will work

That is one of the most confusing posts I’ve ever read.


Ditto. I actually had the disk version and traded it in and spent that and about 3 bucks for the digital version and didn’t have any issues besides downloading the main game.

i did not download the starter pack i download the base game off the store and it still downloads only the training when i checked my addons for the game it just says hitman 2 19 GBs Hawks Bay 400 Mbs i checked all my owned games its says hitman 2 and all my other games i installed so what is going on even if i download hitman 2 gold it downloads only the base game and not the dlcs (so why is hm2 gold free when it jsut downloads the base game) even on gold ed it just downloads the training when i first downloaded hitman i only got maimi and sniper assitent himstein but i could only play training and sniper mode so is the store broken or im doing somting wrong

also i didnt get the game on wb sale or gold free play days i got it On June 27

lol i was typeing to fast on my keyboard when i writing this and didnt know waht to say on the post

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