Problem download the HITMAN Legacy Pack

can you help me ?
I have a Hitman game on disk and I also bought a Hitman 2 game from the PlayStation Store and I want to download the HITMAN Legacy Pack and threw a problem that this is no longer available?
Can you help?
Or a solution?
Thank you

Make sure that both games were bought in one and the same region.
To redeem Legacy Pack for free, you must have all the games installed.
If you have both games from the same region, go install both, log to HITMAN 2016 and play a mission or two from start to finish and then quit the game and log to HITMAN 2. To make sure the system recognized you right, play a couple missions from start to finish in HITMAN 2 as well.
Then quit the game and your PS4 should already be downloading the Legacy Pack automatically.

But the important notice here: you should have all bonus missions for HITMAN 2016 installed.
If you somehow happen to miss even one of them, you couldn’t get Legacy Pack for free.
It’s how the system works


Yes, I think I missed the extra tasks, but this is not a reason to not use the Legacy pack for free ،If there is a solution, please .
And thank you, brother :v:

Solution is to get those bonus missions.
Or buy Legacy Pack.
There is no third way out

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I purchased a disc game, and re-bought it again?

You bought a new disk or pre-used one?
If new, there should be some paper or something with a code for bonus episodes in the box.
I don’t know the details, maybe your fellow-PS4 racers will guide you through.

Legacy Pack is a separate DLC for HITMAN 2, you can biuy it at any moment even if you don’t own HITMAN 2016 game.
Difference is that it goes for free for those who meet all the criteria

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The disk was used but the disk owner said that he did not use the code and when I want to insert it he tells me that the code has expired I ، think the only solution is to buy the game Hitman 2016 from the store

I don’t think it worth it.
I believe that Legacy Pack is cheaper than the full HITMAN 2016 game, especially since you already own the disk.

But I will tag a few IOI people that might jump in and help if that code was never used.
@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI @ioi_christianco


No, but Legacy package is no longer available in store. Well, I’m going to talk to someone about this. Thank you, brother and regards :v:

That’s weird, you’re right. It isn’t there, not in the UK anyway. Still seems to be present in the Xbox shop . . . mostly at least. Odd.