Problem hitman3

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I have hitman 2 Gold edition (on Steam) but i can’t play the localisations on hitman 3 deluxe.Why?
What do/can i do? thanks

i can’t play any missions of hitman 2 on hitman 3 (deluxe ed.)

ok thanks you for the information…

greetings team, ive had 2 more locations yet to discover at berlin however I was sure that I’ve went everywhere in the map plus that I have no icons at the map tellin me that a certain place is yet to be discovered, I was not able to figure it out until at china the server went offline so I decided to play offline and then I knew that any undiscovered location or any challenge I complete while being offline does not count and have to re-do it when I’m online ,
its fine, however, the big problem is that when it comes to the locations to be discovered when you are back online its never re-marked again at the map as to be discovered.
so basically its not just me who has this issue there is more posts at facebook that came to my attention that people are suffering the same issue. so please what is the solution for that ?!

It did happen to plenty of players indeed. You will have to wait for an official fix or try the possible solution listed here.

Carpathian Mountains.
The last level. After the Agent wakes up on the train, after 5-10 seconds a disconnect message appears and the computer turns itself off. The problem appeared after the servers update.

@YellowZR1 so its been a couple of days and still no conclusion and also I’m having a new bug or issue at mendoza Argentina , collecting the 3 wine bottles and the 7 QR codes, they are stuck to 2/3 bottles no matter how many times I restart and do it over and the QR codes are stuck to 6/7 even though ive scanned the 7 Qr codes more than once but not useful.
any solution ?! and honestly I have no clue what do you mean by deleting the local files at my PC !

Sorry, you will have to ask the one who provided this solution, because I don’t play on PC and can’t give you an answer. I can only provide you the info of the reported bug. But if I was you, I would wait til IOI fixes them and not do anything to the local files.