Problem server Hitman italy

Hi guys, I have a problem with Hitman’s online connection. I tried them all, I also contacted Square-Enix but they can not tell me anything about it as there is no problem for them. First it worked fine, now for a month no longer connects to the Hitman server. What can I do? Sorry my English.

I’m from Italy too but have no problem with servers. Try restarting your router or reinstall the game. I know it will take a while to download.


Can no one understand this stuff goes to Hitman technical support? Gosh.

Moved to hitman technical support.

I tried uninstalling the game, and I also tried replacing the game with a new one. I talk about PS4. All other games connect online quietly. So long ago, Hitman has been connecting for a month that he no longer connects.

I’m new to the forum and I’m writing from Italy. I’m sorry. Can you help me all? I only have problems with Hitman. With other games I have no problems.

@Riccardo_Scordino_Pa Do you have avast antivirus installed on your computer ? If yes, disable “avast web shield”

And check the SSL certificate of


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Hi, I do not have the PC, I own the PS4. I bought the game in April and it worked all right. A month ago I wanted to retrieve Hitman but no longer connect to the Hitman server. I have not changed any settings on the PS4 or even on the internet. Other games work properly. Everyone except Hitman. Please solve it.

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Create a new account (it’s free) on the same ps4 and see if it works with that one. If it does, it must be a profile thing. Or use an friends account on your PS4.
Also try to use your PS4 at some else house.
Then you should contact SONY


I loaned the game to a friend of mine and it works properly, we also have the same internet line and router itself. I contacted Playstation support but I still have no answer. I can not understand what may be in my Playstation profile, the only doubt is that I registered on the Square-Enix site to download content (documentary and sound) and I was asked to link my Playstation account with my account Square-Enix. Probably the problem lies in the communication between the two accounts.

Now try with a new account on the same PS4 at your home.

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Hi, I contacted PSN with my friend’s account on my Ps4, and it worked properly! It’s connected online without changing the internet settings. For me the problem is in the Square-Enix account, they should eliminate it. Only then will everything be reset…

You can send a PM to @ioi_christianco and @Travis_IOI :wink:


Hi @Riccardo_Scordino_Pa,

Errors related to the Square Enix Membership account linking should not prevent you from accessing the game, but of course unexpected things could have happened with the process.

Could you send me a PM with some info that could help me pin-point the problem ?
Your PSN id for instance would help me find errors related to your account.

Thanks !


Thank you so much for your interest.

I contacted Playstation support. And they also told me the same thing, so you’re up to the problem, because my PSN account works well with all the other games. So we can exclude once and for all the usual connection issues. I have also restored the licenses on PS4, but nothing to do, the problem has not been resolved.

Thanks @Riccardo_Scordino_Pa, you might want to remove that data from the public part of the forum though :wink:
I found errors related to your account, I will take a look.

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I removed the data in the public domain. I thank you for the interest you are giving me.
Will you make me know when all will be resolved? If you need more information I’ll write to you. I’m really glad you’re fixing the problem. Look forward to your answer…

@Riccardo_Scordino_Pa Thanks for submitting a customer support request as well, we just got your details through them as well :wink:
The issue should be fixed now, as customer support will tell you, please give it a try and tell me if you are able to connect.


Siiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!Great guys !!! Thanks so much!!! I am delighted that you have solved a problem not quite common !! You were great! After so many tests, after so much effort, after so many attempts … It works !!!