Problem with Hitman 2 profile extraction

Hi all,

I tried asking the subreddit (r/Hitman), but they couldn’t give me an answer. I requested IO interactive to extract my Hitman 2 profile via my PSN account so I could see my playtime (and other general game data). I waited about a month before trying again recently, but I keep getting an error message saying '‘The maximum number of submissions for this period has been reached!’.

I tried emailing IO but have had no reply. Can anyone explain this error message, and how I can extract my play data?

Hello Baldy_01, welcome to the forum! It does work, I got mine (again) not too long ago but it had gone into spam - so do check that. When I did it I remember I saw that message along the way but don’t think I worked out what it meant. Did you go to this place to do it or send an e-mail?

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The first time I extracted my profile, I went to your first link, and extracted the profile via my PSN account. An extraction confirmation email has not appeared in any other spam/email folders.

About a week ago I deleted and then re-created my IO interactive account, using the email address I had used to create it the first time around (which my extraction confirmation email was also originally sent to), thinking this might refresh the system. I’ve done this again, but on my IO interactive account it says my PSN isn’t linked to it, and I don’t know how to link the two again.

Plus, when I click the aforementioned link you gave me, it automatically logs me in to extract my Hitman 2 profile via my PSN account (with a message saying 'Welcome PSN name). It doesn’t give me the ability to get rid of this auto-login, which could stop the error message I think.

I can go onto my Hitman 2 game, and try to re-link the PSN and IO interactive profile from there, see if that makes any difference.

I’ve re-linked my PSN and io Interactive account successfully, but still the error message appears. Should I just create an entirely new IO interactive account and try un-linking, then linking my PSN to that?

At this point I’d contact IOI rather than mucking about, it might cause more problems. I had trouble the last time I wanted the profile, I had not received it after a few weeks, more than 30 days. When I contacted [email protected], I got a prompt response and within days got the link. The address is in that first link, they say to get in touch if there are problems. I just said I was still waiting and asked them to look into it.

Fair enough, I’ll do that then. Thanks for the help!

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