Problem with legacy pack

hey, so i got hitman 1 you see. the standart edition. and now i want to get it in hitman 2. i linked my account but it doesn’t work. i think i caught the problem. because i got hitman 1 on epic games and hitman 2 on steam. but still that doesn’t mean i can’t redeem my legacy pack. so plz someone help me.

That means you can’t get the free Legacy Pack. You must own both games on the same platform to redeem Legacy Pack. You can buy Legacy Pack for H2 on Steam or wait for H2 to arrive on Epic.


but that is unfair :confused:. why would they do that. i can’t buy hitman 2 on epic so i can wait a long time.

I think that is a normal thing, when you look at other games, you have to buy the game and DLC again if you want to play it on another platform. IOI is just a little more consumer-friendly since they let people get a remastered version of the previous game for free.

The Legacy Pack system for H2 wasn’t made to be cross-platform, and they probably thought it’s not worth to make it cross-platform after two years from release. Instead, they’re putting the effort on H3, which will end up with better quality. Also, I assume H3 will work a little differently when transferring locations and progress to carry over things between two stores.

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sure it is consumer friendly. and sure that it can’t be carried cause of two diffrent stores. but i can’t buy hitman 2 on epic. don’t you think that’s unfair. and btw if it is two stores that doesn’t mean it can’t be cross-platfrom.

I’m not sure it’s unfair, but I’m sure H2 will arrive at Epic some point. Either way, all you can do is waiting.

It could be cross-platform, but the Legacy Pack system wasn’t cross-platform since the release, and making it cross-platform by doing extra work is not worth it when the sequel (+remaster) is just four months left.

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