Problem with Master Sniper challenge pack


I have recently played the Master Sniper challenge pack in Sapienza in Hitman 2 on PS4. I have completed all challenges in the challenge pack , and I did not get the final challenge which unlocks the sniper. Also it says I completed 3/4 challenges but all of them have a checkmark next to them (except the “Master Sniper” challenge which unlocks the Jaeger 7 Covert) .If anyone knows how to fix this or has an idea to how to fix this please let me know.


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Hello faithnomore2003 and welcome! Could be as @misterkiller wrote, yes, but sometimes with these packs there are slight differences between the requirements for the individual challenges and the “do all challenges” one. Repeat the challenges in different ways if possible, if PS has the same “full shut down” as Xbox then do that, give it 24 hours . . . with luck it’ll go “ping”.

If you’re doing it for completeness, fine, but if you’re doing it for a sniper, do “The Cheveyo Calibration” escalation for the Sieger Ghost, which is about the best one. The more recent Jaeger Tuatara or whatever it’s called is something that comes highly recommended but I don’t do enough sniping to know for sure, that comes with something in “The Last Resort” I think.

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Ok , I’ll try to do them one by one again , also what do you mean by “full shut down” , do you mean I turn the console completley off or something else?

On the Xbox you can do a normal shut-down where downloads and stuff continue (if it’s configured so to do), a useful feature but it’s worth doing a “full shutdown” sometimes where it completely cuts the power. I mean that one. There’s also a “reset Xbox” and I do not mean that. I suppose PS has something vaguely similar, does it?

I don’t think PS4 has a feature that it completely cuts off the power , I could be wrong but I don’t think it has that.

Well, there’s the “non-maskable interrupt”, ie, pulling the power cord out of the wall! Joking (though it’ll certainly cause the unit to fully restart from scratch). Anyway, it’s basically the concept that sometimes the console gets its knickers in a twist and a full reboot can help, same as a PC. I hope you get somewhere - I was lucky enough never to have this sort of “challenge didn’t pop” problem, I got them all okay.

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I’m too not the fan of sniping, but this beast is truly much more better than any other rifle.
Just because it’s silent and piercing. That means it allows you silently kill 2-3 NPCs with one shot

PS4 has a rest mode and a full shutdown. And it gets super-annoyed if you unplug it without fully shutting it down.

Look under “Power Options”, below “Enter Rest Mode” in the “Power” tab.

How does it compare with the Ghost? Apart from the piercing, I get that, but the Ghost is supposed to be really quiet.

Don’t know about quietness in sense which is more silent, but piercing ability wins with crushing score.
At least for me.
I will venture guess that they are equally silent

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Can’t vouch for equally silent, but when using bullet lures the Tuatara does have the issue of possibly alerting NPCs when the bullet goes through the body into whatever is behind them. The ghost can be better under the right circumstances, and even the other siegers are useful if you don’t want the bullet to kill the person you’re shooting. Ghost and I believe tuatara are automatic kills on any part of the body.