Problem with the missions


I have bought the Hitman The complete first edition, on a disc PS4 version and i saw that i do not have access to the three bonus missions: The icon, A house built on sand and The landslide.

After that i upgraded the game with the game of the year edition via the store. This got me, Patient zero, the sarajevo 6 and some outfits. However i still do not have access to the three bonus missions that i am after. On the in-game store when i try to buy the missions it says that “it might not be for sale anymore”.

So my question is: How can i get access to the three bonus missions that i am looking for?

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Upgrade your copy of HITMAN to the GOTY Edition now and get immediate access to the Patient Zero campaign plus all the other new content included in the GOTY Edition

The HITMAN - Game of The Year Edition Upgrade includes

  • ‘‘Patient Zero’’ campaign featuring 4 brand new missions including new gameplay mechanics and features
  • 3 new Themed Escalation Contracts
  • 3 new Outfits
  • 3 new Weapons

Ergo GOTY Upgrade doesn’t come with The Summer Bonus Missions.

with that being said the only way to obtain The Summer Bonus Missions is with the $60 GOTY Edition not the Upgrade.

The Summer Bonus missions were initially given out to early adopters for free back in 2016 with 2 being released at once and the final one being released in early 2017. This DLC is bundled in with the GOTY Edition “not the upgrade” and the easiest/cheapest way to obtain it is through a cheap $20 version of the game labeled Definitive Edition at your local game retailer.

If you did buy the $60 version it’s should be labeled Summer Bonus Missions. The upgrade was for anyone who bought the game earlier and wanted the new content released with it.

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Well. Then i guess i am going to have to buy the definitive edition as well. Do you know by any chance if the save data from my other hitman copy will work with the definitive edition?

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Yes all Data is compatible.

Edit: I’m not sure if the DLC is a code or disk so do your research on it first.

Thank you for the information.

Do not buy a used copy of the Definitive Edition. It also includes the Bonus Episode via a one-use redemption code.