Problem with trinity pack

After i completed the carry over process I got all the items i had in the previous game. The problem is that the in game items i got from pre-ordering the game were no longer there. Did this happen to everyone or just me?

Go into your store and uninstall the trinity pack dlc and reinstall it.

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Could you also tell me how to uninstall the trinity pack on ps4 because i cant figure out how to do it

I’m on pc so I’m not sure. On this thread the user reinstalled the whole game I think?

Okay I’ll try reinstalling the game thanks for the help.

It worked for my by Finding the pack in the recently installed area and starting the game by clicking on it

Hope this helped.

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On my PC (Epic Games Launcher) Trinity Pack shown as inactive.
But in game i have suits, briefcases and pistols colored with white, red and black.
Is it all content of trinity pack?
Anyone know how to activate Trinity Pack in Epic Games Launcher?
Reinstalling not helps.

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I and at least one person I’ve seen have the same. But…


Forget about it as you have and can use items in the game

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Same here.
It is greyed out under my DLC/Add-Ons tab in the Epic Launcher and there is no way to turn it on.
Not sure if this is supposed to be like this, since I can actually see the Trinity Pack content in-game.