Problems with Audio Stuttering

So i’ve finally got the game, hooray! But i’ve got a big problem - The music and sound are stuttering quite considerably. Every 20-30 seconds there’s a 5 second stutter where the music and ambient environmental sound just stops dead, before resuming.

It’s absolutely killing the immersion. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Playing on PC. Drivers are up to date.

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I have this problem on Xbox when another game is installing. Are you downloading/installing another game on Steam while playing?

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I have this issue as well (Xbox) and I’m not downloading anything; and while I can’t tell you the technical reasoning behind this issue, I can say that it is quite consistent and most prominent on the legacy missions.

The problem is less persistent in later levels, but it’s happening on Nightcall quite a lot. Very strange.

I’ve tagged this. Please update if you find any fixes or suspected causes.

I figured out what the problem was - the “Override memory safeguards option” was enabled. Disabling it stopped the stuttering.

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Interesting. And did you have to reduce any graphics settings on account of disabling override safeguards?

I also had this problem right at the start, but then I discovered that it was because of downloading legacy pack during play. :sweat_smile:

hi travis hitman 2016 missions on the hitman 2 game have many audio issues including, fireworks dont make exploding noise but they do in the original hitman 2016 game, people talk louder in hitman 2016 just to name a couple problems. is this on IO end if so would you please fix this?