Problems with Sniper Rifle and Camera

Hello! I’m looking for help on a problem. I have played the full trilogy of Hitman games and have had no issues until Hitman 3. I can’t even say when the problem really started, but I am having real problems using the sniper rifle in Hitman 3 that never happened in Hitman 1 or 2.

I can do everything else with no problems, but trying to aim, zoom, and fire a sniper rifle sometimes works, but normally doesn’t. Zooming or firing usually causes me to jump back as if I stopped aiming, i.e. simply holding the rifle. It is is consistent and annoying.

As a test, I went back to my Steam version of Hitman 2 and now it has the same issue which it never had before. I have a frame rate of around 50 to 60 fps that occasionally dips to the low 40’s, but never below 40 that I can see.

I have an i7-7700HQ 4-Core 2.8GHz, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 16GB RAM, and 1920x1080 display.
I am running the graphics settings suggested by GeForce Experience.

I tried overclocking with MSI Afterburner. I tried limiting the frame rate to 30 with NVIDIA Control Panel. Occasionally seemed better, but normally not.

I tried uninstalling all my games and game launchers (Epic and Steam), reinstalled only Epic and Hitman 3, but no improvement.

I have similar problems, but not nearly as annoying, with the camera. It sometimes takes two or three attempts to scan.

Any suggestions? Maybe you point me to the correct forum?

Sounds like you have issues with the mouse.
Buttons working incorrect. My brother always breaks his mouses like that, I don’t even know how.
Replace it, and you should be fine

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When I first read your suggestion, I have to admit I was skeptical. After all, don’t I use my mouse every day? Hasn’t it worked just fine? However, after a little thought, I realized there is no other program I use that requires long presses of the right mouse button. I borrowed my wife’s mouse and voila, no glitches. Thanks for the help!