Professional difficulty item location (all destinations)


someone know where is the screwdriver on bangkok on professional difficulty?


I think the Exterminator has it :smile:


oh thanks ill try it out


One is near the sound booth, opposite to the two tech crew members.


what about a wrench in Bangkok?


the wrench is in the basement laundry ( near the garden guy) where u kill ken morgan with the fire axe


thanks u saved me a lot of time wandering around :slight_smile:


Where are the 2 poisons located in Colorado? Needed for the Name Your Poison Challenge. Thanks


Ezra berg has pills and in the hostage room right besides the tornado shelter there is a syringe on top of the shelves


It has changed on professional. Now the pills are on the guard in Bergs garage.


Thanks! I had found the pills once but couldn’t remember where. Much appreciated!


where is the hacker phone in colorado? and a screwdriver?


Not sure about the screwdriver, but the phone is on the hacker who gets nearest Rose’s bathroom.


I would get a screwdriver off of one of the two guards that do a long circuit patrol of the exterior road. Wasn’t fast but if you start at the default location and go right to small shed you vault into, then it doesn’t take too long. Just prepare for whether you want to knock out or kill by having items in you inventory. Coins, baton, or knife.


In case it hasn’t already been found by you in Bangkok:

  1. Speedboat Key is in Room 208 (the last room on 47’s floor). It’s on the table by the mini-bar.
  2. The Wrench can still be found in the box beside the Gardener in the basement (but he is now an enforcer for security guards)
  3. The Exterminator now carries a screwdriver with him.
  4. A Hammer is still in the room where you can spray the Insecticide.

Extra: There are now 2 security cameras in the front side of the Security Room facing down either of the side areas (where players are most prone to be sneaking… Really nasty for SA/SO runs).


thanks mate, was about to get mad looking for the keys


I was eyeing the guy in Room 208… with his nice looking boating shorts, espadrils… thinking: “That looks like a guy who might have his own speedboat.” :slight_smile:

Sure enough… :stuck_out_tongue:


I swear I looked everywhere for the usb dolge in Paris! :joy: I’m desperate for a clue as to where it is!


On the guard with a moustache by the fuse box next to the monitors in the attic. If you go in via the door across from Dalias office he’s to your right…


where i can find a gas tank in sapienza? need it for a challenge. looked everywhere but can’t find it