Professional difficulty item location (all destinations)


Gardeners’ shed. There are three or four in there.


There’s one in the lab, near the wall that can be broken in Normal.


In Sapienza:

  1. Cleaver and 1 Fuel Canister is in the room-sized freezer of the shop right beside the ICA Safehouse Apartment.
  2. Kitchen Knife and Explosive Golf Ball still in ICA Apartment.
  3. Red Plumber has the Sewer Key
  4. Both Rocco and his Sister have Mansion Keycard
  5. 3 x Coins are on a table where a sleeping man is seated, near 2 bathrooms by Apartment Building No. 4 (where you go down to reach sewers when looking for the Red Plumber)
  6. Security Room below the Attic of Villa Caruso has 1 x Emetic Rat Poison and 1 x Screwdriver and 1 x Bartoli 75 pistol.
  7. Priest still has Church Key
  8. Ledge near Drinking Fountain of the room behind the main altar (area adjoining the base of the Church Tower Stairs with the main Church floor) has 1 x Scissors.

Removed in Pro Difficulty:

  1. Sewer near the beach no longer has Crowbar
  2. No more Kitchen Assistant disguise in Rocco’s room (How is he supposed to report for work?!?)
  3. No more Spoiled Spaghetti Sauce in the storeroom by the Villa Caruso Kitchen.
  4. Church cellar no longer has Security Recording Machine

That’s what I have so far, I’ve only done basic recon.


I think there’s one in the Freezer of the meat shop right beside the ICA Safe House apartment.
Note: You can carry it around as the Kitchen Assistant legally.


More from Sapienza:

  1. Flower Bouquet: In the Delivery Van outside of town opposite the downed Cyclist.
  2. Flower Bouquet: In the room beside the Church Morgue. It’s right beside the open coffin.
  3. Fuel Canister: In the freezer of the Meatshop right beside the ICA Safehouse. (just restating this as I already pointed it out earlier, but it’s very easy to miss!)
  4. Mansion Master Key: Second Floor of the Observatory on a table with some exhibits. This is the part of the Observatory that connects directly to the walkway towards the main Mansion’s 2nd floor.
  5. Explosive Gunpowder: beside the Mansion Master Key
  6. Safe Combination: On the person of Silvio Caruso
  7. Toy Tank: in the Attic, pretty much where you find it in Normal Mode
  8. Screw Driver: In the Security Room
  9. Emetic Rat Poison: on the person of the guard inside the Security Room (again, restating this for anyone who missed it).
  10. 3 Coins: On a table just beside the one with Dr. Lafayette’s Coffee at the main square.
  11. 3 Coins: On a saucer on top of a table in the bathroom area beneath the cafe in the main square
  12. Hammer: in the underground lab, on top of a case above one of the laboratory/offices. It is near the yellow industrial staircase De Santis uses to come down to the underground lab.

Professional Difficulty Level

No lab keycards other than the scientist talking to the gardener in the wine cellar, huh? (The guy who takes a piss)


De Santis still has one I believe, and the woman from the ‘Absolution’ opportunity.


Thanks for that. Only problem is that I am trying to do the Stalactite kill. I need to get in there without killing De Santis.


Okay, your best bet is the Absolution woman. You can’t hide behind her but hide in the box next to her and subdue her on her way out.


Just take the breaching charge, or use the gunpowder canister in the 2nd floor of the museum room where the solar system is. There is a master key there as well, the gunpowder will blow open the door at the bottom of the stairs if u shoot it


. . . and makes a lot of noise, Already using the breaching charge but was not using it at first because believe it or not it costs me some precious seconds. I found a way to make up for it. I am trying for SA/SO on Cliff Diving and Caving in. Not an easy combo but I wanna make it happen


@RW_Slick If you want a SA/SO starting move in Pro Sapienza that ends with you having both the Lab Keycard and the Virus Destroying Dongle…


  1. Go to the Church immediately at the start. (You will need 3 coins to do this. If you don’t have coins, not to worry, there’s three of them on a table at the cafe if you start there, and there’s another 3 on a table by a sleeping guy near the Church)

  2. The Redheaded Scientist will enter to start confession as you walk near her. Note her black suited bodyguard nearby. There’s guys like this deployed around the Church and Harbor to supposedly guard the contaminated dead Scientist in the Church Morgue.

  3. Let the Scientist finish her confession.

  4. When she leaves, enter her confessional booth and quickly throw a coin inside the confessional booth’s corner. Exit the Confessional and get out of sight of the Bodyguard who will attempt to investigate inside the Confessional.

  5. Enter the Confessional and Subdue this Guard. No one can see you inside, and with this NPC occupying the Confessional, no one else will attempt to go inside ever again. (Note: At the very beginning you can actually bum rush the Redhead Scientist inside this same Confessional and Subdue her immediately to get the Keycard and Dongle but the Bodyguard will eventually find her KO-ed in here, ruining SA)

  6. Exit the Confessional and run across the Altar and continue out of the side door of the Church. You will see the Morgue, turn left towards the graveyard then right where you should see the double-doors main back entrance of the Morgue and another Man-In-Black.

NB: At this point,the Redhead Scientist will make two stops before going to the Morgue. She’ll pray at the Altar, and then pray at the candles near the side door exit. You have to hurry a bit.

  1. Continue past them where you will see the staircase leading to the Sewers. Throw a coin down the stairs and hide. (Keep tabs on the Redhead’s position. She should be at the Candles near the Side Door of the Church).

  2. When the MIB Morgue Guard goes down the stairs past you, sneak into the Morgue’s backroom (with the Open Coffin) and wait. The Redhead should be heading for the Morgue’s back door where you just came in.

  3. If the Guard you led down the stairs has not returned, simply dupe the Redhead into the Open Coffin Room with a coin. Subdue her, pick up the Lab Keycard and Dongle, then drag her straight into the Morgue and hide her in a Box.

  4. Leave with SA/SO run still intact, and with Lab Keycard and the Virus Dongle. You can also pick up the Bouquet of Flowers beside the Open Coffin if you want a little something extra. 99% of the time the Morgue Guard only just comes back at this time and is not the wiser when you walk out of the Morgue to escape Trespassing. :slight_smile:

N.N.B.: If the timing is slightly off after Step 6, the Morgue Guard you duped into going down the stairs may come back earlier and he’ll have an argument with the Redhead saying she’s not allowed to go in there, but she’ll eventually be allowed in. There is also a Priest who pops in through another set of double-doors to bless the Open Coffin whenever things go longer than expected. Just adjust accordingly.



Or, you could just subdue the church staff guy to the left or the morgue then pick the lock, drag his body in, wait for Redhead, then get her easily.


I haven’t been bringing Lockpicks lately. :wink:

Also I’ve acquired a taste for these more elaborate “full control” (eg: Removing Redhead’s Bodyguard, sending another Guard on a long trip) type of solutions where the AI is led to doing what I want and fewer things can mess up the longer I go. hehehe.


Yeah, but my solution is a lot easier. if you don’t have a lockpick just get the church key from the shrine (not sure if that’s still there, if not then there’s an apartment with a church staff disguise and church key that can be easily infiltrated with the key from roccos apartment)


True true. :slight_smile: There’s no one right way to go about this.

I did however, use this starting move with me carrying 2 x breaching charges and Fibre Wire so I can do a possible Fibre Wire SA/SO and use the same opening move as well for a Sniper Assassin/SO.

I use the Breaching Charges later on for smuggling the Sniper Rifle into the Church through the Catacombs, and use them again to get into the Lab via the Tunnels. :slight_smile:

I am not aware if the Church Key is still on the Shrine, but I’m about 90% certain that would be one of the things IOI would remove for Pro Difficulty.

Personally never liked the odds inside the Shrine/Base of the Church Tower stairs due to the possibility of 3 guys spotting me. Much prefer the one idiot I can send down the stairs and the other one idiot I can hide in the Confessional.

But… anything goes in this game. :slight_smile:


Actually, my solution is a LOT easier. I do appreciate the advice, but what I did was [spoiler]start with the emetic poison, have breaching charges in my safehouse and RUN to it, pick them up, run to the ledge, crouch run to the radio and change the station. crouch run to the around to the edge, sneak and poison the pot.

I exit the kitchen just as that cook behind me turns around. You have to be really quick to avoid the next two bodyguards.

Subdue the ones in the observatory area and take out the cameras where I could electrocute Francesca. At that point, the cliff diving is easy; just shoot the bell and the NPCs do the rest. Then just go downstairs and get rid of the virus. That is the hardest part.[/spoiler]


This is great… but doing the Poisoned Pasta from far away for some reason is bugged in my build of the game for Pro Difficulty Sapienza.

I actually left the NPC’s to do the poisoning thing and went down to the Ether Field Lab, wondering why Silvio Caruso was still alive.

When I go up the Pasta is stuck in the head of the Chef.
… and this happened repeatedly…

Another time, I waited for the Chef to announce: “Pasta Bolognese! Villa Caruso Style”… Then left… but once I turned around I noticed Caruso just walking away leaving the plate of pasta behind.

Most unfortunate for me really as poisoning the pasta is one of the most convenient methods available otherwise.


Or knock out the guy in the entrance of the morgue, lockpick the door to the morgue, and wait until she’s alone, open the door, subdue.


You have to hear the full conversation, which is extremely annoying.