Professional difficulty item location (all destinations)


rat poison in Marrakesh on 2nd floor on the janitor cart, by the main stairs


A few more Sapienza finds

ATTIC has (aside from toy tank): Fire Extinguisher, Coin, Shovel and Expired Spaghetti Sauce
Locked Shop directly across street from Safe house has Soda, key to Flower Shop and Wrench (pretty much the same).


For my Sapienza Sluggers:

The small shop across from the Town Hall (near CICADA guard) has a Baseball Bat inside
You can find another one inside the back storage area of the fashion store (the shop directly under Villa Caruso)


Just to add to this list regarding screwdriver on Bankok

  1. Near Jordans recording booth on table

  2. In basement corridor with shelves along with a rat poison

I am 5/10 on Mastery I want that gun dammit


I have mastery 10/10 if u need any help on challenges feel free to ask me:)


Do you have to do all of them to get 10/10?


Nope I think you can leave one or two challenges uncompleted and you can still get 10 mastery, I’ll check once I get back home :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I see now thanks. I just did the math something I usually avoid while unwinding playing games :+1:


Mission accomplished for Mastery 10/10 on Bangkok. For gun lovers this weapon is a must have and well worth the grind to have a concealed suppressed full auto pistol for 47’s arsenal.


Cheers, i need only 3 more challenges in Hokkaido then I will have all locations on professional. Make sure to do Colorado ( he sieger 300 with ave Maria playing while aiming is superb )


No… just 18 of 20 Challenges are required since you start at Mastery 1 and need 9 x “Mastery Level Up”.

Each Mastery Level Up requires 2 Completed Challenges.


For Colorado:

  1. Vial of Lethal Poison and the Garage Key on the Elite Militia in Ezra Berg’s Shack/Garage
  2. Vial of Nitroglycerin on shelf in Ezra Berg’s Shack/Garage
  3. Wrench on the table in the Garage with the hydraulic car lifts
  4. Modern Lethal Syringe stuck on the Teddy Bear in the Farm House Basement
  5. Baseball on a small table in the Farm House upstairs near the double doors leading out to the overlooking terrace.
  6. Explosive Mobile Phone Battery is still on the table in Sean Rose’s room.
  7. Hacked Mobile Phone (to trigger Link 4 Smartwatch Bomb) is on one of the Hackers on the Farm House Second Floor. He’s the one closer to you that is not an enforcer when you are coming up the staircase.
  8. Hallucinogenic Drugs and the Basement Key on the person of Ezra Berg

NOTE: There is no more free Militia Elite disguise in the truck outside the Farm House.


Thanks for this list, but I think 2,6 & 7 are a given as they are mission-related.


There have been times though when they changed things up for “quest items” like the combination of Caruso’s safe. :slight_smile:

Also the Hacked Mobile Phone used to be just on a table, now it’s on a hacker’s person.


You make a good point. Sorry about that.


Would someone mind making lists for Marrakesh, Colorado and Hokkaido?


Walked around Marrakesh. Most of the stuff is still lying around simply because all these people make it difficult to pick up. Got a “Crime Noticed” just picking up the screwdriver at the beginning!


so far i have found in Hokkaido:
1)wrench in the morgue in the starting area.
2)the guard patrolling the termal area,(where the yoga instructor is) has a rat poison
3) the texan guy (can’t remember his name) now has the cigarettes


Have you not checked the cabinets yet?


Anyone know where the army truck key is in Marrakesh???

EDIT: Found them, same location as normal mode :+1: