Professional Difficulty Level


Full details:


, a separate mastery track with unique rewards

OK, this is gonna be great :ok_hand: GG IOI

EDIT: Just read everything in the red, my god i’m really looking forward to this now!


I just saw it on Twitter :smiley:
Oh my god, its gonna be goood


Cool and scary at the same time :smiley: this can (most likely will) be fun.
Professional mastery rewards made me curious.


Wow! I didn’t see this coming. So very interesting! Some of the rules (“clean kills are required to take a disguise”, e.g.) are pretty novel.

I didn’t think they’d incorporate a lot of these rules because the base game already works so well… why mess it up? But forking the gameplay into two different games… that’s unexpected. Really cool!


Footstep stuff should be for every mode tbh.

I wonder if this is just for the main missions or of you can use it for contracts too.


I can’t wait to try this next week! It’s great to see that you at IO really are doing something with the feedback, like the clean kill disguise in this difficulty level. Wonder what the changes in the levels are O:


Thats the great stuff, right? :smiley:


indeed it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy shit I cannot wait.

“Clean kills are required to take a disguise” - I finally have the reason to use the fiber wire!


So we will play more or less like the old Hitman games. I like it.



I don’t even care about landslide any more


And that is very good, because i’m a amateur not a professional agent 47 so i’m happy IO-I is giving us a professional difficulty level instead of changing the base game :blush:.


Great! this is what i want a preset rules and not an option to turn off display settings. Never liked being able to make the game harder by turning UI settings off, i always completely ignore those options.

I been waiting for a real difficulty setting since a launch, so this is the best news to come out about the game, post launch.


Very nice!:grin:
20 char


This is literally all I want. Camera AI, better NPC AI, less OP carrying (briefcase as an unlock?, map modification… this is like a late Christmas for me.


Holy exploding duck!
Didn’t expect this at all. Looking very much forward to it.
Thanks IO!


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I like that the levels are tweaked as well! I’ve often thought it would be fun to have a second mode for maps, with different guard placement, so that areas not used in one mode will get used in the other. This will do that! Maybe we’ll even get NPCs in the lawyer’s office in Sapienza!

I wonder how this will work with contract creation? If the levels weren’t tweaked, then you could play the same level on either difficulty. But if disguises are more rare and NPCs are different, contracts could play really differently and might even be impossible in one mode but not the other. I can imagine making a puzzle that would depend on a guard coming to search an area where something fishy happened on camera… it’d only really work in professional mode.

And how about elusive targets? Can we play them on either difficulty?


The real professional needs a briefcase, just saying… :smile: