Professional Difficulty Level


No problem. While everyone gets to know it, it’s fine.


I can both agree and disagree with your statement. It would have been awesome had they come up with new ways to kill the targets. NO ONE will question that. However, Pro mode does force you to rethink. A lot of the old strategies will not work. Consider this however: the challenge of NOT taking those people out to get items. I am playing Pro mode in order so I was in Paris and now Sapienza with items I did not originally have access to. Sniping is a MILLION times easier with the Sieger 300. Having multiple poisons is great as well.I try hard to make runs where I make use of my limited slots. For example, I did not bring the breaching charge one time because I knew I was getting a key card from either Francesca or the female lab tech. In my most recent video I did take the charge because Francesa was last after Silvio and the virus. I put assassinations together that mesh well to limit the amount of tools necessary.


My latest Sapienza Pro run. This is what I mean about using limited tools and not counting on the stuff people drop.


I didn’t say what’s more fun, I just said how you can complete the challenge. Haha.

And I never knew about these baby photos. That’s new to me. I should try that though.


By “baby photos” I am referring to the images on the VHS tape. I sat and looked at them for a bit before killing Silvio once and they are hysterical (to me).



I did all professional levels but Marrakesh and Hokkaido. I decided to do blind runs with suit only, no equipment, no evidence left behind (camera recordings or witnesses) and without instinct or minimap. It feels great when it all turns out good but here and there something bad happens and you… well have to clean up. If I become unfixably comprimised I restart, everything else goes. It is painfully funny, I love this game!



I’m quite liking Pro mode so far, though I’ve only successfully completed so far 1 run each of Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh.

To me Pro mode is basically a “New Game +” mode, and in that regard I think it’s overall a success.

I like the camera and footstep detection changes, the limitation on saves, the way you really do have to rethink approaches and how it’s all made somewhat fresh again. I also like, as @RW_Slick mentioned, how it’s more important than ever to plan out what you want to do and be strategic about your equipment slots, and how – for me at least (because I don’t yet know all the ways in which these once familiar levels have been remixed) – even with that careful planning, you may need to improvise and revise your plan half way through, finding ways to use the equipment you brought that may not be how you originally thought you’d use them.

There’s a tension and feeling of greater stakes in Pro mode that is very reminiscent of the classic Hitman games and which I didn’t fully realize until now was missing from HITMAN in its standard incarnation.

But I do think there’s some missteps. I’d like there to be a slower attention gain on suspicious items than on illegal items. Remote detonators should not be detected by frisk - that definitely seems like an unintended result. When disguised as a waiter/kitchen staff you should still be able to hold kitchen knives (but not combat knives, of course). I haven’t tested this yet but when disguised as a mechanic/crew member/handyman you should be able to hold hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers.

I also think there’s a bit too much of “item now being carried by random NPC” going on. In some cases (like safe combination codes) I like it, it’s logical, it makes sense. But I don’t like how you have to rely on knowledge from previous runs or the internet to know that, e.g., random dude X is the guy with the rat poison. I’m overall good with the drastic reduction of items just laying about, but I think they may have gone slightly overboard with this and I wish the items tucked away in people’s pants were put back into real-world-logical places. Or only put in the pants of real-world-logical people (i.e., screwdriver on the guy you SEE working on a lighting rig with a screwdriver animation, that sort of thing).

And that’s what I think. Overall I’m glad it’s here, I’m enjoying it quite a bit and it is, for me, giving a “New Game +” -like second life to the game.


One thing I do when I start a “new” area is just walk around everywhere. Unless it is mission vital (ex: the safe code on Silvio or Biolab card on Francesca) I forget about items and work without them. Unless the specific run is going to have me directly interact with a certain NPC, I just say stuff that rat poison in ya bum. My next few runs that I post today will give you an idea of what I mean. I just polished off all of Sapienza and I am moving on to Marrakesh this weekend.


You live dangerously my friend.

I get what you mean though, and I can certainly have fun figuring out how to achieve a desired result without the benefit of all the goodies that default difficulty leaves strewn about. It does result in a more authentic-feeling assassin fantasy/simulation, that’s for sure.


First one for today


Another episode of ‘Santa In the Sun!’


Not my favorite run but Santa’s still in the Sun!


I love how this one turned out!


And so, with Sapienza complete, it is time to tackle Marrakesh! First run - SA/SO!


Thank you, kind sir.


Handyman, Mechanic, Tech Crew, Exterminator disguises and a few others allow the screwdrivers and hammers to be carried freely on Pro. It does work.


Having completed the pro mode 100%, I was about to write a very similar review - I agree with everything you said.

To add to it, I will say that while I do like the new NPC reaction to the cameras, I think there are too many in some of the levels. I ended up choosing the same routes again and again to avoid cameras. For instance I would avoid the lobby in Bangkok. The “exploration” element of the game suffered a bit. Also, I often ended up using the same strategy to get a certain disguise. So while I do like the greater difficulty of the pro mode, it do think that it offers less flexibility and less options.

One thing that you didn’t mention, that I really like, is the fact that you cannot use bloodstained disguises. This should be a part of the normal mode in my opinion.


Double your pleasure


They should fix what counts as a ruined disguise first, though. Headshots on non-helmet/hat related disguises shouldn’t ruin the disguise. I drowned someone in a toilet and their disguise was ‘ruined’ apparently. Again, perhaps a helmet/hat disguise wouldn’t be very convincing with pisswater all over it but just a slightly damp collar? 47 doesn’t have OCD last time I checked. And if they deem a disguise is beyond use then it should look like it. Slicing someone’s neck doesn’t cause their top to be covered in blood. Are we just supposed to roleplay it is because the popup text said it is? Visuals communicate faster than text for things like this.

Also if disguises are ruined from bullet holes should 47’s current disguise become suspicious if he has taken bullet hits? Speaking of which, unless the disguise has been peppered with a lot of shots, burned or hit with buckshot, shouldn’t it be up the player’s discretion whether or not they use the disguise? Perhaps it’s suspicious but that’s sometimes still better than trespassing or hostile areas. Not to mention the locations where you can blend in as a dead body where bullet wounds and blood wouldn’t compromise the ruse.