Professional Difficulty Level


I don’t poison him, I just knock out the 2-3 guards near him and then use a coin distraction to get him behind the house. Then I pacify him and put him in the box in Dahlia’s room.


Does anyone know where the boat key is in Bangkok?


Room 208



I’m probably in a minority but I despise Professional mode. This is some of the worst gameplay I’ve ever seen in a modern video game. I miss the Blood Money professional days.


Where is the screwdriver in Hokkaido?


In the morgue, i think you will find it in the little hallway by the stairs opposite of the corps furnace.


Stupid pot in the kitchen does not display the poison command very well. Made this harder than it had to be.




I present to you all; The world’s premier assassin!


47 just became Negan lol :slight_smile:


I love when a run goes this smoothly.


I have to say on Pro Paris… I do not appreciate it that Helmut Kruger is actually now scripted to fail showing up at the Sanguine ICE show. Tsk tsk tsk.

Either that or it’s a bug? It seems like they shortened the show such that once Helmut completes the phone calls to Dalia and Dan, he dilly-dallies a bit and actually misses the fashion show!


I didn’t know that, but i don’t think it’s a bug, because it is the same with the golf coach in Sappienza on pro mode, he don’t drink from the glass by the pool, so you have to get his disguise by knocking him out or use the emetic poison syringe on him.


Dunno, I knocked Sato out and in a 10 minutes or so Helmut made his run on a walkway with Viktor shortly following him (and getting a face full of light rig).


I figure that you can only allow Helmut maybe at most two phone calls before you’re in danger of not being able to make the runway if you have plans of dressing up as Helmut Kruger.

I ended up doing this elaborate charade where I shot out the cameras on the Motorboat Exit area and lured Kruger there from where he makes his phone calls.


Are we pissin’ our pants yet?


The Hitman master, UnknownGamer477, from the Xbox community has kindly agreed to share this video. Enjoy!

Hokkaido - Situs Inversus - Pro Mode (0:59)


Wow, that was… amazing.


Amazing Soders strat, I gotta try it :wink:


What happened? I don’t get it.