Professional Difficulty Level


Soders was somehow killed by the breaching charge and shooting the glass caused Yuki to escape in the cable car which can be damaged with bullets resulting in a crash that killed her.


That was a demo block, not a breaching charge


I’m not 100% sure, but this is what I think happened…

He placed C4 explosive on the window to the operating theatre and timed the detonation carefully. I don’t know if the gardener saw it on the window and went off to report it or just walked away, but he was not nearby when it detonated. Waiting also gave time for the female surgeon to enter the stem cell room. The blast radius of C4 is massive so it is able to take out Soders. As @Pitman said, after shooting Yuki from a distance it triggers her lockdown and because she is near the cable car she tries to escape by it. He then shot the mechanism causing her to plummet to her death.


@Euler13 I tried it myself, i’ll post a run later :wink:


Here it is :wink:


Inb4 IOI patches it out


@Silverballer Do everything you’re planning to do with this strat right now, because the new patch comes out this week…


Someone on ps4 has Hokkaido in 0:50. Lololol
Console master race.


@D1NGdong I’m not sure but I think I watched the run…


49 seconds on pc

Pc bestest


Well I only got one thing to say about that…

:cry: <------


Remember unfair delays on console when interacting…


I just did this and the new strat unlocks “A Personal Goodbye” challenge. Plus I did Suit Only and got both challenges unlocked here on my:

Loud Assassin/Suit Only/Any% (balls to the wall attempt)


It’s been done again. 0:49 also on ps4.
They must have seen that video and this thread.

So if they have, say hi…:wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:




Not bad, Killa-Curtin did the same thing like a month ago though

Unknowngamer loves youtube confirmed


And if he does decide to join HMF it’s nice to see you extending such a warm welcome!

Many of us have learned so much from our resident masters like @GuLe, @Fortheseven, @fkgfw, @mendietinha, @cjgarof, and so on. I am very grateful that UnknownGamer477 has been willing to share some of the strategies he’s used and I’m sure others are too.


I just don’t like to see credit go to the wrong person, that’s all.


Colorado is broken for me. People are seeing me through walls, not looking in my direction and spotting me, and the overall mechanics aren’t work. And of course it’s the best Professional unlock out of the entire group.


I’m not sure if really broken but more of also the design of the level itself. Colorado is filled with lots of small holes where you can be spotted, specially in the perimeter zone and many of the objects have separations in their positions so they aren’t a complete obstacle to vision.