Professional Difficulty Level


Technically, Soders doesn’t count as a person in-game, so he isn’t a corpse, but I’m sure what’s been said before.


He is like a Sapienza virus but with human form.


Wow! Just WOW! It’s like a 100 minute Steven Segal film in less than 2 minutes!

There should be a Hitman channel dedicated to runs like this… So awesome! :sunglasses:

Next time… don’t call it “Loud Assassin”… Our term for this should be “Triple-A Runs” as in “All-Action Assassination”!


Sent you a pm, @Soupienza.

But decided to take a crack at my beta days “THE RUNNING MAN” on pro mode. Might start doing these again as they are challenging and fun…especially on pro.


World Record for Colorado:


I’d like suit retrieval to be added back via point deduction.


I have a better one,:grin:


@la19010102 I was never really good at this map…


Many players don’t like this map very much,it makes you feel like Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell not 47.


I was never a big fan of this mission, but my problem is actuallt being bad at it lol :wink:


I’m streaming the pro mode:


So this is the perfect map for everyone who complaint about 47 acting like James Bond in the other missions. :grin:


These were crazy:

They should not have kept both Dr. Lafayette kills in Pro Mode


There are two Dr. Lafayette kills in Pro Mode: Pillow and Pistol. They are also both Pro Mode Challenges.
Are you referring to another method?


You misread what I said - They SHOULD NOT have kept both Dr. Lafayette kills in Pro Mode


Why, Because of save scumming (or whatever it’s called)?

For that reason, I agree with you.


I’d say because there are only 20 challenges in Pro and two of them are from the same opportunity, when they could have made some new ones or at least ripped some different ones from Normal


True dat!!

20 care act ers


That is exactly why, Instead of two Dr. Lafayette kills, put in the plague doctor or anything else. Or make something new


But plague doctor is the same as poisoning Caruso’s food since he goes exactly where you want him when he’s puking from the food. But ya, I get you. They needed to have them all be different from each other.