Professional Difficulty Level


OK… My latest Colorado Pro Difficulty Super-Save for my attempt at Sniper Assassin (I totally fail SO :frowning: ):

Worn Disguise: The Pointman’s Buddy (unlike the Pointman, his buddy’s costume has no enforcers at the Barn or almost anywhere else).

-Krugermeier 2-2
-3 x Shuriken
-1 x Wrench
-Garage Key
-1 x Lethal Poison Vial
-Sean Rose 3D printed mask
-Sieger 300 (in the Red Barn)

-Destroyed Security Recorder
-KO-ed and boxed 3 x Militia Operatives in the Red Barn (both guys on the 2nd floor and the one guy downstairs who looks at boxes and shelves)
-KO-ed and boxed 2 x Militia Elite Guards at the Garage
-Not Spotted, No Combat (so far)

My plan right now is to slip into the box beside the ladder in the Barn if I need to hide between shots, and then just walk to the house and basement as Militia Elite for the finish. :sunglasses:

Wish me luck as this is the last challenge I need to get Level 10 on Pro Colorado!


Done and done! :sunglasses:

I ended up having to do something a bit special for Sean Rose, KO-ing the two Militia Mechanics in the shed where Rose tends to wash his hands. Then breaking the window of the shed’s door with the Krugermeier while there was no one standing outside. Then I subdue Rose when he goes to wash his hands, go into the Barn and take my shot through the door’s little window. I thought I might need a headshot but apparently shooting a downed Target anywhere is a one shot kill.

I had it in my head that I could do the same to Ezra Berg, and tried to KO him in the Garage and align him by the window facing the Barn, but alas I couldn’t get it to work. What did work though was me sneaking from the Barn all the way to the Garage carrying the Sieger 300 and I ended up shooting Ezra pointblank, leaving the Sieger 300 in the Garage as I make my way to victory!

Maya and Penelope were straightforward textbook sniper shots, though Maya’s positioning in the Barn can leave you exposed sometimes.


Hokkaido - SO/SA - No KO, Loadout, Distractions - One Last Time Mr Soders and Sauna - 7:49


The ease of this run kinda helped me forgive all the shit that Bangkok put me through.


I finally finished all professional challenges. Very difficult. But why doesn’t IO make professional mode also for bonus and training missions?


Yeah I’m wondering that too.
But not only the Bonus Missions!
I would love it if they made a Pro Contracts mode :open_hands:
It would add a whole lot more to the game!


Started Colorado today. I am trying to SA/SO
Maya via Crushed It
Ezra via Mowed Down
Sean via Killing Time
Penelope via Carpet Bombing

Shit is testing my sanity.


I’ve killed all four of them the way I want too. Just have not been able to string it all together because of fucking enforcers.


If I recall correctly you can get them killed in 4 accidents without even moving much by sniping from water tower, although lawn mower might be hard due to trees, so I prefer getting into basement, overdosing hostage to get him to turn around and enter without guard and poison syringe him. As for others: Chemical Warfare for Graves, Scorched Earth for Parvatti and crushing Rose with hay bale.


I tried through the trees. it is probably possible, but I cannot figure out where to aim. Accidents are easy. Point is, I am trying to get SA/SO and hit 4 kill challenges on the list. That will knock 9 challenges of the 20 out in one run.


Chemical Warfare and Scorched Earth are challenges in Pro mode. Add Mowed Down and any from Rose’s ones and you’re good to go.


Read my post from 17hrs ago. I have a list already.


And I’m giving you slightly easier solution, since you seem to struggle getting past guards in your suit.


I disagree. The water tower is not easier and Scorched Earth is in no way easier than Crushed It for a SA/SO run. There are more guards to take out and I tried it from the tower. Not working for me.


I did my SA/SO accident run with standard starting place and crushed Maya, exploded Sean (FE under the desk in the middle of the explosion place), Penelope with Carpet Bombing and Ezra with a propane flask I carried from the hay barn at the explosion place all over to the basement. I didn’t want to make it too hard by the mowing kill, found this one easier.

Two challanges fewer than your plan though. Have to mention that this was my first run on Colorade Pro and had not unlocked anything then.


Here. Scorched Earth from Water Tower. All you need to do is shoot faucet twice. Once to get oil on ground and 2nd time to ignite it. Just watch out for a guard that likes to smoke there. You might want to waste one or two shoots to get him to investigate noise.


Good Luck, you’ll need it


The guard is why it was not working for me. Crushed it is much easier
Either way I gotta get through the orchard to the box by the mower.
When I get it done, you will see what I mean.


Having a hell of a time with this mission. Got to the end and let my impatience kill me. Regardless, I laugh like crazy whenever I hear Maya Parvati say this:


The SA/SO and SO stuff in Pro Colorado are the things I ended up not doing in Pro Colorado.
Strangely, SA, SA/SO, SO were among the first things I was able to do in Pro Hokkaido!

Then again, I’ve always loved Hokkaido! I like hanging around that map pretending it’s my mountain home! And I also like to pretend that Yuki Yamazaki is my… never mind. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: