Professional level, silent mass murderer


Playing Paris and Sapienza regular missions on professional level, the goal is to kill all the guards and to remain unnoticed… Pure fun! Much harder than it seems. (No firing weapons allowed!)



Do the Scarecrow / Wickerman thing with the sniper rifle and bells, stay in front of a camera, simply wait, and profit.

Well, you can leave a bait weapon. Have an NPC see it, they go fetch a guard, and voila!

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Right now I’m doing complete clearance of Santa Fortuna with no weapons and in silent assassin mode :slight_smile:
1:37:22 on the clock

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I tried something slightly similar, knocking out people without getting spotted then going for the objectives as quickly as possible, but after 80/90 in Sapienza the Xbox did a CTD. Some pattern to it that I couldn’t see but it happened on the attempts there and . . . can’t remember the other maps I tried it but CTD on all of them.

Reason for responding - if you kill the people then there’s no CTD behaviour, can you comment?


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No I didn’t mean to get silent assassin rank or something like that - just pure survival :smiley: for the fun of it.
I used to play it back on Blood Money and it was way, way easier. I remember then, I used to make accidents to all of the guards (30, 40 accidents) and I didn’t get SA rank just because there was a limit to the number of accidents you can have



@ [misterkiller]
when you say “complete clearance” and “silent assassin”, you mean knock them all out and hide them?



I mean kill everybody in silent assassin mode :slight_smile:
With no combats, no spotting, no alarms, etc



I see. Have you (or anyone here) tried though what I mentioned? Achieving SA and knocking out all the guards?



I did it in Paris, Bangkok & Hokkaido some time ago



I did it recently in Colorado. Funny, there are only 4 targets walking around. But I couldn’t complete some challenges - for example, killing 2 targets in explosion - I knocked out all 4 targets, placed them right next to the exploding tank, and it didn’t count.
You should see them flying around, though, it was hillarious.

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