Profile picture/ Name change Thread


I hope Meta is the right category
If you want to change your profile picture then let us please know it. Post your old and your new picture in this thread, so we’ll still remember who you are, because we recognise most of the user’s through their picture and not their name.


Current/ Old picture:

New picture:

Thanks to @AGENT4T7 and @FantumX for using their profile picture.

Potential User Names & Avatars

I’ll be in here several times throughout the year as I have several “Daffy” pics to use for different occasions. October( Halloween), November (birthday month) and December (Christmas), among others.

Like the thread!


This thread wont be used everyday, but I think that it is useful. Im always so confused if somebody changes their picture.


Yup, people should definitely select “tracking” for this thread. Even if they don’t change theirs, they’ll get a heads up about their friends switching. :thumbsup:


I would love to post for the various changes my profile has gone through. Unfortunately, my old images are long gone. :frowning:


Then start posting your future ones here, nobody is saving all their old profile pictures :smile:


There’s an idea.






Okay. Here is mine but I am one of these persons who keep their avatar for years. So it might be more likely it will vanish after a board software change than because of me.

green hood
Redhood from the Batman Comics. I changed the color from red to green because of reasons.


Your picture comes from one of my favorite comics… were everything started :smile:


Childhood classics, you cannot beat them, haha. :smiley:


These here are the profile pics that I remember once having.

Oliver Sánchez’s tribute to his protests

HCR. Likely the actual winner of 2013’s presidential election. Probably not the same photo. I lost the original.

Cole MacGrath. My favorite videogame character.


I had a habit of posting my profile picture changes on the forum gallery v3 thread before this was created, so it should not have been an issue for you to notice when I changed mines.

Oh and I do remember having a waving flag, too. Probably not the same image however. Lost the original.



It all begun with this one:

And then I started using this picture of Mark Purayah II in different forms:
This was one of the early ones with Fox Mulder and CGB Spender.
Or with h3h3
But right now only Mark:


The only one’s I had:

47 days of having a target as profile pic

And the one I will never change apart from that:


Didn’t you have one with ethan klein from H3H3?


Yes, just a short time, I’ll edit it.


Ok guys. Here are mine. I always have a picture of Jacket from Hotline Miami. He’s my favorite character.

My first one




My new avatar


Isnt that the joker, before he becomes the joker and impersonating the red hood?

I just watched the latest batman cartoon movie (a killing joke) and it showed exactly that.


Yes. Though I think this picture is from the comics.


Yes it is, prettydewp story.


When I first joined HMF, my name was SilentChaos47 with this avatar:

Then later changed to Vinnie_Sinistra w/ this avatar and had it ever since (with exception to the National Hitman 47 Day Thread event):