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People have said he offers them advices or helps them in tough situations (in dreams).But yes,he looks pretty creepy,like a sketch I would expect to see in police station for some serial killer


He reminds me of LeafyIsHere so I just find him rather funny :stuck_out_tongue:


So today/tomorrow’s painting is “Davos in Summer” by German Expressionist Ernest Ludwig Kirchner. Kirchner was one of the founders of Der Brucke (The Bridge) a group of artists similar to the The Blue Rider. By the onset of world war two he had been living in Switzerland after the Nazi Party declared him a “degenerate artist” (ie anyone who did paint in Pre-Neoclassical styling. The spread of Nazism and the destruction of art made him paranoid that Switzerland would be claimed, ultimately he killed himself after the annexation of Austria.


I like this one too. Apart from the muted colours it almost gives me Sapienza vibes :slight_smile:


going to change my profile picture to something really amazing trust me lads it’s gonna bereally amazing and good just youw ait and see


Don’t think she needs any real introduction. Kahlo was fond of using her self-portraits as a means to chronicle her life, her exploration of her cultural identity and the sociopolitical problems of her native Mexico




just kidding


Here’s some suggestions for you:

Stanisław Wyspiański

Bouchta El Hayani

Jiří Šlitr

Fikret Mualla Saygi


I am like Weird Al. I don’t take suggestions. If I did then I get these list plaguing me.

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kahlo is certainly one of my favorite artists, great choice

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Nobody is forcing you to use them, dumb Aussie!


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She was pathetic. How someone who allowed her even more thudfuck commie husband to cheat on her and forgived him every time becomes a femminist icon is up to anyone’s guess.

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Oh I take no offence I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that for everyone.


If it makes you feel any better I was going to put up a Diego Riviera mural next as a twisted joke. I have no idea about feminist criticism enough to ascertain why, I like her works from a post-colonial perspective.


The fucking Jabba the Hut. Honestly, I just said that because I hate what they represent. Their way of thinking did irreversible damage to the already lost Mexico: a bunch of pathetic communism (even at that, a divided communism thanks to their affiliation to dipshit Leon Trotsky, who rightfully got his head pickaxed).

These 2 shiteaters replaced General Zaragosa (the man who fought thr French during Puebla’s battle) in the 500 pesos bill. Useless people replacing someone who actually did something for this country is way too much.

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I have always been curious. Why did the French try to take Mexico? It seems random on France’s part.


Way better than Mexico’s History books wich don’t include lots of details.


That also explains why the fifth of May is important in Mexico. Thanks for that.


Holy shit I love this artist, especially after learning about him in my Art History class. Really like his “Self Portrait as a Soldier” painting, and what it represents. Insane to think that his fears really did happen.

Also cool to see Kahlo, I love her “The Two Fridas” painting and overall style. Fuck, art is so cool.

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Ok. My last post for another History relevant content. Last one because I’m derailing this way too much.

Did you know that the New Spain (before it was Mexico) actually had of the first, if not the first, village of free people who were brough from Africa as slaves? All possible with the leadership of Gaspar Yanga.

I live some hours away from the town, actually.

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