Profile picture/ Name change Thread


… and Vinnie Sinistra (and his memes) was born :smile:


(I already posted it on the “What´s new” thread, but totally forgot about this Thread. I changed it to the: Profile picture/ Name change Thread)

Hey everyone! “I” changed my name.

(Old) Mister_Rieper —> FearlessArogunz (New)

Because of my Xbox name, I want it to be similar. You probably wont even notice it :smile:
I’m still the same guy, and didn’t become arrogant!


As long as you don’t change your avatar too for a while. That would be too much to wrap my head around. :sunglasses::+1:



Formerly D1NGdong, now immadummee47 :sunglasses:


I want to change my name to rattleshnake, my psn handle


PM Jarbinger.


I just love the smirk on Grinchs face


Anyone here remembers my glorious pink F ?


For the Union. ¡Viva el Rey!


For October/Halloween:

Undead Daffy


I am sure you’ve answered this question before - But how come you love Ducks so much? Particularly Daffy.

When I was a kid, I liked Bugs Bunny and my Brother liked Daffy Duck. He even kept a toy guitar behind the curtains so he could pull it out like Daffy did in that one loony tunes cartoon.


Actually, that question has never been asked.

So really there’s no particular love of ducks on my part. My dedication to Daffy on HMF simply grew out of the first avatar I used here - a close up of the duck from the BM promo that had 47 standing over the tub with a toaster, the duck floating beyween the target’s feet. I progressed thru a variety of rubber duck avatars simply to change things up, and for whatever reason, just wanted to keep the duck theme going. Eventually it evolved into other duck forms like Daffy. And Daffy has sooo many great expressions, or animations if you will, that I’ve decided to stick with him.

Side note: Looney Toons was my fave as a kid. Pretty much the entire list of character. Well except for the skunk, who’s name eludes me atm. Hated that French prick!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Loooong answer for such a simple question. Sorry.


So it simply has to do with you trademarking Daffy as an easily recognizeable pattern in your avatars so people don’t lose track of you when you change avatars? CIA approves.


That is half of it. But he is a pretty awesome character to have as a fun avatar.


Watched some Looney tunes today. What’s Opera Doc is really great and one of my favorite cartoons of all time


I’ll do it since he won’t. Apparently Debrin aka Wakanda is now Lazlow.


I just changed :blush:, to this:

Black & white profile pictures is in on this forum now :relaxed: and he does remind me of me… kinda :joy:.


I was so confused at first :smile: I liked your simple “I”, but your new choice looks also interesting!


I like the I myself, so i might change it back very soon :joy:.


Just did :blush: :joy:, i use this I on every forum i’m member and i’m used to use this, so i will stick with the I.

Hahaha, don’t worry, the I is back :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. But thanks for the info about how to pronounce @Euler13 i didn’t know how to pronounce it either :flushed:.

Sorry, but you have to get yourself used to the I :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Nooo change it back to your black and white pic I can’t get used to your avatar now