Profile picture/ Name change Thread


First Euler13 reveals the pronunciation is “oiler”, not “yooler” and now the “I” for Ingrobny is gone!



Now I’m also part of the cool black and white club :smile:


Black and white…bah!

Black and orange, baby.







:heart: x 10



LOL :joy::grin::rofl::laughing:

No but seriously

stop snitching


October is over. Undead Daffy goes into the closet until next year.

November brings in…


And with December comes a new Daffy. I have a few Santa versions and can’t decide which I want to go with for sure. For now it’s this.

Enjoy the season everyone.


Can anyone photoshop a Santa hat on Jacket for me? Lol


I can try and make some crappy version of a Santa Jacket with emojis. I mean,if I were you I’d put it just for how meme-y it would look ahaha


I switched back to the good ole’ Christmas Vinnie avatar.

Christmas Vinnie Avatar


Thanks for the new avatar!


A new avatar with a Christmas tie and some blood, thanks to @DarkNternal !




Absolutely loving those avatars! My complements to @Spodey and @DarkNternal for their designs. :sunglasses::+1:


I’ll change mine the 6th. It’s still Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands. It’s like an pre christmas with a Dutch version of santa. You guys probably know. Either way, I’m still in those vibe’s, after that it’s time for christmas. :slight_smile:


Finnish Indepence Day is also 6th🤔coincidence? I think not…


Just a subtle change.



sorry, i had to do it :joy:


I’m very happy you like the new avatar @Silverballer, it turned out great! 47 is all ready and set for the holidays! :christmas_tree:


Thanks @FantumX!! :slight_smile: