Progress carryover: All Hitman 2 Mastery Levels at 0?!

Hi everyone,

I just got around to playing Hitman 3 as I was waiting for the server issues to be fixed. I got to the part of doing the progress carryover from Hitman 2 and the website shows the mastery levels for all of the missions at 0?! Are they serious? I’ve had at least a couple of mastery levels on each map and a ton in Mumbai and htey will all be gone once I finish the carryover?

If anyone faced an issue like this I would really appreciate some help. I really spend a lot of time on each mission going through pretty much all of the possible ways of killing each target and now it tells me it’s all gone.

It’s a known bug. Ignore it.

Why do I see different progress on the carryover website vs in-game (H2)?
Some players will encounter a visual bug where they see a HITMAN 1 or HITMAN 2 location listed on the progression carryover site with ‘0’ mastery. That’s purely a visual bug and the correct mastery level will be carried over into HITMAN 3. You are safe to continue the process.

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Ok, so it either didn’t work at all contrary to the website telling me it was done or it is due to Hitman 2 levels not being available on PC yet. Either way, it now shows that I have absolutely NOTHING unlocked in Hitman 2 :x.