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hello first of all i’m french and express myself in english is a little hard for me, excuse me if i make mistakes, but don’t worry i understand perfectly english you can talk to me without problem.

since one year i record all the dialogues and voice line in the hitman games new gen, i’m very perfectionist and all the little things you don’t see when you’re playing i record it. i have a youtube channel with many vidéos (around 30), i have the élusive target too only 5 miss.

the subtittle are in french but you can watch the vidéos, the voice are in english but in my firsts vidéos (paris) certains line are difficult to hear, new version are in work in progress.

what you see in my channel is only a little part that what i have record , upload vidéos take times, and i don’t talk about the time for record that.

i hope you’re enjoy.


Looks interesting. I will check it out and tag @Euler13 as he enjoys dialogues. :slight_smile:


This is something I’ve enjoyed doing. I started with The Angel of Death the first time round. I cringe now at some of my earlier work, but I think I’ve managed to work out a decent system now.

Here is a link to the play list on my YouTube channel for the ETs I’ve captured too.

I’ve also done a few other random ones.

Hitman - The Secret Life of Hailey Brennan

Hitman 2 - The Dark Side of Helen West

Hitman - The Corrupt Life of Marco Abiatti

Hitman 2 - Subdue Dialogue

Hitman - Subdue - Doing It Wrong


i now you euler13 if you remember i have let you a comment about the target richard j magee, you even helping me for certains elusive target like the warlord (the dialogue after opening the safe), i have one account only i can do the elusive target only one time
for the regular target i don’t really need help, i do it my self like you can see
i look at your work when i have time , i don’t post from my home, i’m not connected at home

what you see is 30/35% that what i have i my computer, i even record reaction of npcs


new vidéo about the guards on the sgail island, i post a link here each time i made a new vidéo
not available yet, time to upload

for euler your vidéo about helen west is interesting i’ve not record yet all his dialogues
i like that with the subdue too


dialogues of the guest on sgail island part 1


réactions of npcs in front of magician vampire (paris)

This is cool man.
Love it.

all about dale anderson the mail man (wittleton creek)
it’s uploading


all about the tokens hunt on sgàil island
available this night or tomorrow , i post in HD that takes time


all about jebediah block, i don’t now how many times that takes to post the vidéo, connection problèm in north of france

new vidéo about roberto vargas the golf player on sapienza
available later, i still have connection problem

spécial assignement blair reddington available later maybe tonight


hairdresser in sapienza


npcs reactions in front of bike rider 47


i come here and i have 20 pm who tell me my posts are spam, a guy as flagged all my posts as spam, lessen i gain nothing to do that, i have between 10 and 20 vues for each vidéo, i do that for the people interested by that and for me, it’s easy if it disturb some people i stop to do that and that’s all, and anywhere in the all net you can find a compilation complète as mine

i don’t kiding one more thing like that and it’s over

I love your videos and watch as many as I can on YouTube. Please don’t stop creating them and sharing your uploads here.

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don’t worry i was just a little angry, i made a very long work more than 200 hours for each map, at the beginning it was just for me and my brother , but with the time i’m tell to myself it’s a shame all that work just for 2 people and i have begin to post my vidéos

well i’ll don’t stop, especially i have already make mostly all the recordings, it would be dumb to stop now, like i said i was just a little angry by this kind of bullshit

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How is that spam? These videos are good! Even after playing the game for so long, I am still discovering new dialogue! :smiley:

Je peux traduire tous les sous-titres avec lesquels vous avez des difficultés :slight_smile:

i was just saying that if you don’t understand french it’s better to wait the new versions for Paris, an option to reduce the ambient noise doesn’t exist when I have recorded this