PROJECT: "HANDBOOK47" (fan endeavor to analyze & record Weapon Statistics for HMF Community)

NOTE: If anyone can put me in touch with the fans responsible for the hitmaps website (aka Hitman2Maps) Pls help me get in contact with them.

Tests / verifications conducted on XBOX ONE
Purpose of the project: to provide the community with a well organized, fully checked & updated/maintained guide containing any and all info deemed important to speedrunners in particular, though the project is not dependent on such player types; the intent it’s to help all players in the vastness of the growing game. Hopefully in time for Season 3s launch.

I have begun collecting data for sniper rifles; my plan is as follows: first, start with the 300s > Jaegs > Druzs) then assault rifles (aka ‘salties’) > shotties > SMGs (aka smgies) > pisties > explosives > Tools > Melee (+melee gold bar) > Poisons last.
That is phase 1. As for Phase 2, if by this point my will to continue the project remains strong, focus switches from spawn items to map items;
phase 2: analyze + count EVERY item that can be picked up by the player or NPC for each (Main) mission PER DIFFICULTY if there is any difference between them > check & verify is reliable and totally accurate (1st intention: finishing the Hantu Sniper Assassin map details) > Check suits viability per map / per area (buccaneer bugged).
If by some miracle the support for HANDBOOK47 holds strong after phase 2, the 3rd n final phase may begin: studying and detailing in accuracy every main target(s) loops - aka routes (prior to any player interference) hopefully by this point I will have gotten in contact with hitmaps owners so I can utilize their map progress.
I intend on hosting a website for the finished collection. I would appreciate any support or volunteers to help in the process. Credit for assistance, guaranteed.


(weapon/item perks/abilities will be provided with each)

  • Damage (power per shot) - BAR GRAPH
  • Optimal Range (max 1-shot range) - BAR GRAPH
  • Stability (while rapid firing) - BAR GRAPH
  • Shot Audio Range (audio level per single bullet fired) - BAR GRAPH
  • Fire Rate (how many shots per second) - BEST #
  • Ready-Up Time (how long does it take to pull the weapon out of a case) - BEST #
  • Concealment Time (time it takes to conceal the weapon in a case) - BEST #
  • AMMO CAPACITIES (2 side by side # stats (case ammo VS agency pickup ammo (+mode? (Q: does the amount change depending on main or special assignment??? (must verify))
  • Reload (full mag) Time (time required to reload a totally empty clip (ie auto reload activates)

While contemplating on whether or not I wanted to do this project, I (subconsciously kinda…) measured the mini map as best & accurate as I could. Those conclusions:

I’m collecting AMMO stats for “HANDBOOK47” and noticed there’s 5 weapon classes (6 if including the dart guns (and excluding melee) and it would appear there are only 4 types of Ammo boxes I’ve ever found. (btw I’m a little bit of a gun nerd in the real world) It seems that Assault Rifles must (I guess) use the 9mm SMG ammo…?
Which is a (I know it is pretty frivolous) lazy art mistake especially after noticing the sniper ammo does have its own box, even labeled as 7.62x20 caliber (even more frivolous note: buck shot is one word not 2…) In fact from my crap graphics it seems there are only 7.62x20 & 9mm boxes (the other 2 aren’t labeled that I can see (terrible quality right now…). Can anyone clarify


  • I’ve managed to see “45 auto” on the pistol box… As well as “160 grain silver bond brass hollow points” (… Wtf is THAT lol)

  • the 7.62x20 boxes say “135 Grain Black tip SP lacquered Finish”… Again what is that…? Lol just gunna assume the artist googled pics of Ammo boxes lol (wouldn’t be surprised with the amount of work they have to do… I know I know)

  • the 9mm says “110 grains mushroom tip CLASSIC non-carrosive” + “German quality ammunition since 1951” (…?)

  • so… Ya apparently the assault rifles (full auto or semi - doesn’t matter) take 9mm bullets (same as SMG (in game))… I realize why (plus I’m prolly the ONLY ONE to notice this and point it out too lol)… But why isn’t there an Ammo type for those? I mean… Hell in the real world a 9mm WAS carried by US police in I think ALL departments in the US until a few years ago (or decades) when they deemed the 9mm size to be insufficient against the firearms criminals tend to weild (illegally or legally. 9mm it TINY and definitely not likely to stop your enemy without a killshot). They’ve all upgraded to .45 caliber rounds (literally reasonable and perfectly efficient size bullets). In the game the pistols take 45s tho

  • in game boxes each are branded as follows (this is for my own notes mostly):
    pistols + shotgun (both) = Wild Horse
    Smg/Assault + Sniper (all 3 apparently) = KAPSBERGER
    7.62x20s say “BLACK BEAR” as well on top as though it were a brand…(?)

The shotgun boxes say they contain 25 shells I think too but that isn’t so when tested… (I can only assume art like this is due alot to resources/time management and (hopefully not the case) lack of any real life experience on the topic

Why make a new thread when you can post it in the thread that you created, which is dedicated for stuff like ammo?

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Because I posted it almost 2 days ago and it has had no traffic until ur own post. I wasn’t (and still am not) trying to use the forums as a notebook… Man that’d be messy as hell. Plus the thread was a statement of intent and posted to hopefully find others who would like to help. For now I think it’s gonna be a solo project

It’s messy when there are multiple threads about the same stuff being created. It’s not messy if you would post it in the thread that you created.

This thread intention is to help you with HANDBOOK47, so posting it in the thread about HANDBOOK47 would make more sense than to create a new thread.


And that’s different from creating a whole new thread how? Also, there’s no reason to not post on existing threads, threads are shown on the homepage based on latest posts so posting on your old thread would boost it to the top of latest and give it as much traction as any new threads.

I think that’s because there’s not really an interest in it. It’d be neat to know the numerical stats for a lot of this stuff but at this point most people have an intuitive ‘feel’ for most of the weapons so they don’t actually need stats on it. Also hitman isn’t a combat based game (despite it having decent combat) so it isn’t as core to as many people’s experiences/interests

Edit: also it’s on you to keep you HANDBOOK47 thread alive, like most people would be fine you using it as a personal notebook as long as it’s Hitman related. Creating new threads non-stop is the issue people are having

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And if I were to edit the thread so frequently itd likely be in the top 3 all the time…
I mean ur right from ur point of view and… I suppose… Well actually this thread could be of its own regardless… I mean there’s alot of questions I’d like to ask about AMMO especially now but it would undoubtedly be viewed as spamming whatever thread I’d put it on.

…lol maybe ur politely hinting that I post too much?..

Okay then. Point made, delivered… And I guess accepted

Keep posts that are related to the same topic in the same thread. Bumping it with worthy updates is not seen as spam. Starting numerous new threads on the other hand is.

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  • Halfway thru the first test phase. Initial primaries’ targeted data collected + applied to text-chart-1.
  • Ammunition clearly has flaws; ie 6 gun classes, but there are only up to 4 types of ammo boxes players can find in maps.
  • Still no support/aid and at this time not expecting. Forum mods insist I keep related details to this thread only (in agreement).
  • Must be clear that without aid from other players, all results will be tested solely on xbox. Thus cannot be confirmed as accurate across all platforms… Sorry…
  • decided against including in-game item pictures. Due to tech restrictions (using SS-J7Prime for all data collection/MS Excel/Picsart/HMF thread (now))

As of now I am testing and collecting data for:
AMMO (clip/spawn/case totals/box & calibers and color + total class capacity).

  • FIRE RATE (rounds per sec)
  • POWER (Killshot range)
  • DOOR BREACH (aka BREACH TOOL) capabilities (complete for snipers and half done for all others)
  • Bullet Drop and/or Shotty spread
  • and FIRE Modes


    (Primary focus on 47s > Targets > guards > other AI) (animation-hardlock script = AI in animation which must complete the sequence entirely before engagement with player without direct user influence/provocation)
  • a new brand of potato chips would be nice. And a fresh bag o weed too please lol
    edits 4 hrs later
    Well I got a fresh bag o weed :sunglasses::joy::fire::smoking: and instantly thought how to do measurements in the game. Huh. Damn drugs… :confused::unamused::fire::smoking::sunglasses:


  • check accuracy of Hitman2Maps and apply updates to personal version.
  • complete Hitman2Maps (on personal version)
  • (real world) finances and estimated time calculated for (HB47 relevant) website creation. Yola FTW as of now.
  • Begin site CONSTRUCTION.
  • Patreon (?)

You can just get all this data from the game itself. If you extract chunk0patch(whatever number it’s on now).rpkg with QuickBMS and open the file located in REPO, you’ll be able to see all the weapon stats.

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Wait wut.
… Im on xbox… But wut do u mean

Here’s my opinion on your project so far, in regards to measurements.

There is no easy way in-game to check for distances and such metrics. There is no in-game ruler.

So if you tell people that an explosive has a radius of 5 meters or something, that may as well be useless info.

Personally I measure out distances for stuff like explosion radiuses with visual markers. I’ll line up the explosive on a specific shadow or crack in the wall so that it will detonate an accident explosion without the explosive killing or knocking out the target.

The thing is though, visual markers are situational. Not every room will have the same tile pattern to measure out your distances.

So the best you can do is just show people the general gist of the necessary placement for a certain item, and then let them work out the situational details themselves.

Provide a few specific examples with video/ visuals to illustrate.

Also, please don’t waste your time on ammo. There are many more interesting gun mechanics not generally known (ceiling lure, making guards run to your location with multiple gunshots, etc).


You’d obviously need access to the PC files which you can easily get if you download the demo Hitman 2 version instead.

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… And had a PC. That’d help :thinking::sweat_smile::confused::sob:
I don’t suppose it’d be simple to… idk… Email such info so I (… Just somebody ANYONE) can put it together as a reference… Idk maybe even an interactive reference like the Hitman2Maps site… I mean if it’s really as easy as u say why hasn’t anyone done it.

Current priority… Ty for the suggestion and reminding me I got distracted yesterday from that… Here is what I have managed to work out in the few hours since reading ur comment. It’s alot of work for 1 guy with nothing but a phone and Xbox One :sweat_smile:

You’re right. Though if using HANDBOOK47 then you have all the reference needed.
There is but one way ive found that measurements can efficiently be implemented via in-game settings / displaying the objective guides. Hopefully this single image is sufficient…

…but in case it’s not (sufficient)…

My thanks for that suggestion. I only wish I had more than a phone for editing. It will suffice though.

Regarding that image… Keep in mind that from the center of the minimap to the very edge of the map (literally that pic displays the absolute threshold for Ted Mendez to appear on the map with that distance), 47 IS PRECISELY 20 METERS AWAY FROM THE EDGE OF VISIBLE ENEMIES ON THE MINIMAP. The outer-most red circle would be 21m from the player but Ted wouldn’t show up on the map.
Hence the next issue I’m working on: enemies don’t appear on anything but the minimap (like the larger in-game map (that’d be nice eh)) so… Before creating this video this week on how players can judge distance from now on (when I complete the method guide), my priority is now to work on the measurements beyond what I’ve just explained until I can determine the best measurements of… Hmm… Paris(?) in a public detailed video for you guys

Let me know if you (anyone of you guys reading) thinks I’ve made an error in my judgements.

Btw that is the entire reason this guide needs to exist @solderq35 and as long as I still have the will… Lol it… WILL eventually :+1::video_game::fire::sunglasses:

Personal reminder
Need to try to remember my damn watermarks from now on…