Project: Let's Find Hidden Kills In Colorado


As we all know, Colorado was suppose to have 12 opportunities… It has 6. Some people think these other unique kills are still in the game… So… Our job is to find them without the opportunities!!
Keep an eye out for:
-Other things that would usually trigger opportunities.
Hopefully we all can find these missing kills :slight_smile:

Note: You must post a video of the “hiden opportunity” that you found.
Enjoy the opportunit hunt, agents!!


I have yet to do the second challenge so I am not completely sure, but I think the lawn mower kill for Berg (I did this) and water basin kill for Sean were supposed to be separate opportunities. Idk about the second one though.


People think this? Why would IOI have removed the opportunities if the unique kills are still in the game?

I’m pretty sure that those missing opportunities didn’t get too far into development. There isn’t much sign of them in the level. I am guessing that there used to be an opprtunity that let you dress up as Ezra Berg, and maybe there was a disguise involving the 3D face printer, but there isn’t much else in the level that appears to be a vestigial opportunity.


Maybe when you interact with Sean rose after talking with Penelope at the swamp ? It makes him go there I think. I Never tried it completely so I don’t know what they say or what happens.


That was surely supposed to end differently. Maybe Rose was executing her or whatever.

As for the hidden kills - I’m sure you could do something with the Herald being interrogated by Ezra.


Just to clarify, as I see others confused, people aren’t supposed to find actual in game kills/opportunities, but rather clues hinting at what they were intended to be, right?

You can, though, can’t you? If you give him a full dose of the drug set up next to him Ezra will go to make a new batch and if you’ve messed with the gas tank in his lab this will cause an explosion.


One good thing about this challenge is that most challenges aren’t opportunity related tbh


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: What evidence is there of this? What makes you think we all knew this? The only time I can clearly see an opportunity that was erased was the plate carrying on Zaydan back on Marrakesh. Nothing on Colorado makes me think of an erased opportunity. So could you elaborate instead of assuming? Thanks!


Oh sorry for that m8, theres an interview that prooves it, I just dont have the link