Promote Your Livestream

It seems that there’s a few threads with people advertising their livestream. Just like the Speedrun and YouTube/Twitch channel promotion threads, I’m creating one for promoting your livestream.

For clarification: This thread is used for advertising a stream that is currently live or about to go live. Advertise your YouTube channels and Twitch profiles in this thread.

Also, the livestream you’re promoting doesn’t have to be yours, it could be someone else’s or maybe even IO’s, as long as they’re live.


Weekly HITMANATHON SATURDAY EDITION (C47 thru Blood Money) is live in 3 hours. Starts 9am EST

HM:A thru H2 will be tomorrow.


About to go live and play some Hitman 2 at:

Attempting the Kashmirian Nights featured contract on stream:

I’m thinking about streaming my development on Andrea and talking about possible ideas.

What do you guys want?

  • Andrea
  • Hitman 2

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Going live:

Going live in a few minutes, gonna be trying out contracts and speedrunning main missions



Streaming le Bank

I’ve made a dedicated topic here:

Hey guys!

If you like HITMAN™ 2, or you’re just bored, i’ll be streaming some gameplay on Twitch tonight:

I’ll be playing some Players Contracts and we might have a taste together at April ones and maybe challenges :slight_smile:

Approx. starting: 8PM UTC
Countdown here:


Cya there :relaxed:


Live Now!


That was fun :slight_smile:

I’ll make another live tonight, so feel free to post your Contracts/Mission ideas here!

  • All Weapons
  • All Disguises
  • Any Location
  • Any Number of Targets

Thanks for watching, cya soon :blush:

Going live in 30 minutes!
UPDATE: Live Now!

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Live has ended!
Thanks for watching guys :blush:

Some funny contracts out there, and also some EPIC fails :smile:

Last HITMAN™ 2 stream tomorrow, and i’ll be playing players contracts, also trying an April Contract :+1:

Come and enjoy the game with me this Thursday night starting @ 7 PM UTC!


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Hello guys!!

Join me tonight for a special livestream where i will unlock the Flamingo Suit and then do a SASO run on Santa Fortuna with it :slight_smile:

Cya there :wink:


Thanks for watching yesterday’s stream!
For those who missed it, remaking the Flamingo Challenge tonight!
Also doing Santa Fortuna SASO with Flamingo Suit :smile:

Cya there :wink:


Thanks for tuning in to the previous streams guys :slight_smile:
Replays are still avaiable to watch if you’ve missed it :+1:

You can also Join me tonight on Twitch as i will do the Shinobi Challenge Pack on
HITMAN™ 2 and more!

Cya there maybe :wink:


Heya there!
I would like to ask you: Can you maybe play my mini escalation in your stream?
Lvl.1: 1-03-9816038-59
Lvl.2: 1-03-5989736-59
Lvl.3: 1-03-9621504-59

Would really appreciate!


Oh great idea dude!

Any ideas are welcome if you want :+1:

The idea is to play with the unlocked Tanto on other levels :blush:

Cya in few minutes!