PROPOSAL: HITMAN should be Research Driven

Guys, I have a proposal for current and future seasons of HITMAN.

I propose that the series becomes 100% Research Driven. What this means is that design for fashion, items, weapons, security, as well as security foils should be driven by what is at the cutting edge of real world developments.

I have mentioned the above in a couple of other threads but in case people are not sure what this is, this is noticed in particular in the Call of Duty series where ballistic weapons, accessories, and the onset of drone warfare paralleled (in an exagerrated way) developments in military technology of the real world.

But I’m also proposing that Main Campaign stories and Individual Missions drop the current Subject 6 plot thread and just also be inspired by real world developments.

For example the James Bond film Dr. No (1962) was being developed to dovetail 1 or 2 years prior with real life issues and excitement over NASA’s Mercury Space Programme which started in 1961. So when the film came out, it was when Mercury’s real life expansion and announcement of new astronauts was hitting the headlines while Dr. No’s plot was about trying to sabotage this programme.

At the time this was seen as something avant garde and it gave audiences a sense of heightened reality.

That means HITMAN for example could take inspiration from things happening in our world and in theory can stay relevant, interesting, and potentially go on forever.

What do you think?


sounds good, id like to see it



How does that sound? And they can actually make it non-literal. Like the election really refers to a Commission that the ICA is part of that is electing new officers after a mysterious death. Or it can be about the US election but fictionalized.
And portions are clearly inspired by the Mueller probe, US Mid term elections, Facebook Data Privacy Case, and Brexit etc.

The real bad guys can still be Providence but they would be involved in something that felt real. Like it was actually plausible.

That would feel more real than this current plot thread. Just as an example. :slight_smile:

If they worked on that around 2017 and it came out now. That would be interesting and might get more news outlets talking about the game.

It’s an interesting idea but would be tough to implement now since these games are set in the present day. If I’m understanding correctly, this would probably require IO to wait a few more years before developing the story for the next game and would have to be playing catch-up the entire time. By the time the game was released, the news would likely be old enough that nobody would really remember it and somewhat ironically, it would probably feel a little less “real”.

This is just the opinion of one guy though and I trip over nothing but oxygen sometimes so I could very easily be wrong.

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Sometimes it can work even if the timing isn’t perfect. I think the 007 film TOMORROW NEVER DIES was inspired by the rise of internet news sites. The idea that the villain would try to peddle what we know today as Fake News - note the film was made in 1997 - was the result of imaginative writing launching off and making something that proved relevant anyway.

So it’s not always about staying 100% on track with where the world is going. It can be that you imagine the future outcome of recent events.

Also note with regards to the Election Year plot example, the real life mid term elections happen in 2020. So when HITMAN 2 comes out in late 2018 using that plot the timing would be correct

Ok, interesting idea, but I’m in two minds about it.

In the one hand, I love when fiction uses irl events to further it’s story, like how alternative history does.

On the other hand though, I think in embracing this style, you’d lose some if the originality and creativity that I really admire in this game.


Yeah it’s an interesting idea. I only worry about if it became a little too political and alienated some players because of that.


Don’t like this change, this is a game not a simulator. I’m not here to look at real world events to become the main focus of the storyline, you can have something like that for a mission or 2 instead. Especially, the guns. Licensing weapons to get their real life names costs quite some money. This should NEVER EVER be a priority. This money is way better spent on developing the game rather than a bunch of names which don’t impact the game at all.


Well I am perfectly fine with franken-guns and aliases, but I was thinking more about if there are new types of weapons… like that new Small Distance Combat Rifle category… we should have that in the game somehow.

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Yes, I agree that we should have more weapons and categories, but not using real names

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:joy: Yeah sorry, I’m in the other camp. I would very much prefer we had real weapon names.

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Also… it’s not a “simulator” if at the climax of the “Election Year” plot… after months of blaming the Russians, we learn the real manipulators behind the US Election was Providence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and of course… skin and weapon camo ideas…

This weapon was unveiled at SHOT show 2019 and features some kind of speckled finish.

Okay. Not gonna lie, I love that idea :joy:

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What ? I’m not sure that actually happened in the game. Even if it did, it’s still not the main focus of the game. Having real world events as the main focus would just drive the atmosphere and creativity of the Hitman franchise away

Ok, a lot of people support this opinion but I would much rather have fake names to cut unnecessary costs that would be better spent of way more important factors such as gameplay, animation and level development.

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If you thought HITMAN 2: THE ELECTION YEAR, a story where 47 is employed to eliminate targets related to a plot involving an upcoming US election and later uncovered to be a Providence plot to influence global geopolitics, was an actual season plot then you give me too much credit… :stuck_out_tongue:

What I meant is that you can apply “flights of the imagination” to a realistic event and spin that into a HITMAN season narrative. It can still be just as creative as spinning this Subject 6 yarn (some might argue it’s even more imaginative), and to me it would allow for HITMAN to effectively become timeless as it just moves forward along world history almost.

IOI would just have to decide which things would constitute the main themes of a season and what kind of Targets would be most interesting.

Unpopular opinion : I really liked the story of hitman season 2, I think it’s a breath of fresh air, and having an illuminati organisation was actually pretty cool.
I don’t usually pay attention to the story in many games, but the thing I have against your suggestion of having contemporary events incorporated in HITMAN, is the fact that it might come across as political and critics would give hitman negative reviews .


Oh yeah sure if it’s down to one or the other than fine. My point was more that real weapon names do make a difference in the minds of some players. It grounds you in the world a lot more to have your gun called a Glock than a “Hackl”.

Yes, it definitely would increase ‘immersion in the game’, even though it is by a small amount. It is more prudent to spend the money on actually improving gameplay. Honestly, if you’re bothered by something such as a gun’s name and it breaks your immersion that much, how do you cope with other unimmersive elements in the game. Because I assure you there are a ton of unimmersive things in the game. Such as : 47 changes disguises in 4 seconds, NPCs can’t see 47 immediately in a short distance. 47 has infinite pockets. a lot of people can’t see through 47’s disguise. and many more

If you use the argument that IO decides to make the game more immersive, HITMAN will lose its originality and freedom and lose a lot of the playerbase.

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A problem that might arise here is that IOI might “take sides” in the matter. For example if you have a mission involving the assassination of a high official who looks like a tanned blond old man then well… you have a shitstorm brewing. Of course that’s a very blunt example and IOI wouldn’t make it that obvious, but it would be much safer for IOI to create their own story around great themes such as an election day or year.

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