Providence - Discord server for Community events

We are excited to reveal Providence, a dedicated project for Hitman community events! We are hosting multi-week as well as one-day events, aiming at a wide variety of Hitman content. The first three events can be found below:

The Providence Invitational [14 - 20 March]
The one-week showcase event to kick it off, for which we invited 8 great members of the Hitman Community to battle it out in a couple of laid back matches.
Participants: @barbegue, @Crewdy, @GKPunk, @gordiniroy, @Gunther, @MulletPride, @Some_Random_Person, The_Buff_Guy

Team Roulette 3 [27 March]
This might already be a known event to some, returning for the 3rd edition. Here you work together with a teammate to complete Roulette spins faster than everyone else.
Signups open on 12 March.

Hitman Bingo [2 - 16 April]
Originally known as “Bingu” by Agent 420 and gordiniroy, we adapted the formula and made some tweaks for our first open multi-week event. Its still revolving around claiming Bingo tiles by completing in-game tasks.
Signups open on 24 March.

If you wanna check it out, we’d be glad to have you:
CurryMaker, Foppr, In4Fun, Pigiero and Yannini

Thanks to @Crewdy and @MulletPride for the artwork!


We’ve been very happy to see the support and the engagement during Providence’s first month, thank you everyone who joined, played or just spectated. Here’s a recap of the first Providence events:

The Providence Invitational

On 20 March, GKPunk became the first champion of our server when he defeated The_Buff_Guy in the final. On the same day, Gunther became the third place finisher of this laid back opening tournament. (Results, Playlist)

Team Roulette 3

This one-day roulette competition returned bigger than ever, with 13 teams participating on 27 March to become the best duo in roulette. After Qualifying, the Semi-finals and the Final, only one team left: the formidable team Master & Apprentice, aka Frote7 and Blithe taking the title. (Results, Playlist)

Looking ahead

  • Tonight, from 22:30 CEST, the final of Hitman Bingo will be held, shoutcasted by Gunther and GKPunk. In the final, Some Random Person and Phanium battle it out for the first Bingo title. (Results, Playlist)
  • On Monday, Roulette Freestyle begins, which is a tournament by Crewdy, where players are given a standard roulette spin, but with a twist: the conditions are not assigned to a specific target. (Info)
  • Freestyle will last two weeks, with Meme Junkie’s Improv Royale 5 in the middle, which is a one-day event on 24 March 2022, played in Master mode, without instinct or loadout, but with Any% so keeping Silent Assassin isn’t required. Signups are open in the Discord.

As always, everyone is welcome to join our Discord to get up-to-date with our events and chat with competitors and fellow fans of the game:

Artwork in this post was provided by HandzMcGee and Crewdy


Introducing: Providence’s Summer Roadmap!

Thank you to Crewdy for the roadmap!

We’ve been delighted to see all the support throughout our first, Spring season. Throughout March and April we had five events, ranging from a laid back invitational to a team roulette afternoon, a bingo tournament and beyond. All our events are shoutcasted, you can find the playlists under

We announced our Summer Season after Contract Wars 4, a one-day event where the goal was to optimize contracts in just 45 minutes. Our next event is on Saturday, with fan favorite Team Roulette returning for a fourth edition. If you’re interested in how Team Roulette works, check out the VOD of the previous event.

Our first multi-day tournament of the season will be Hitman Gauntlet , a new concept which combines many different game modes to create the ultimate Hitman challenge. A single match can test your roulette, bingo, speedrunning and contract skills. Signups for these two events are already open!

Next up is Roulette Relay, a concept by Gunther and barbegue, in which teams of three try to complete multiple given spins as fast as possible, with only one player playing at the same time. The following Saturday will feature Bonus Royale, a Royale-style event with all the bonus missions and maps we normally don’t get to see in roulette, a format known from Fuzk’s Bonus Rivals. The Summer season will end with the debut of Rivals Pro by GKPunk, a tournament for roulette experts with a limited map pool established by vote from the community.

We hope these events excite you as much as us, enjoy the Summer season! We welcome you in our community as participant, spectator or just a Hitman lover, see you in our Discord!