Providence Members From Previous Games


We know that Providence is the most powerful group in the world with many members. So surely there must have been members from the previous games. We know that ort-meyer worked for Providence, but who else?

I think that Blake Dexter from absolution would have been a member. A billionaire weapons manufacturer would have been a very valuable asset



Khan Abdul Malik from H2:SA.
The Sheikh from Blood Money.



Would be cool if it turns out he’s related to Amos.



Here are some of the Providence operatives
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They weren’t Providence members. That was Grey tracking 47’s career over the years.

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Idk. I assumed so by this post from Tiki



In game 47 and Diana state that the board with the previous targets is Grey tracking 47 and Grey’s efforts to monitor and track him. I hope IO don’t retcon anyone else but the Mystery Man as a Providence agent.



Doubtful. He values money above all else, even if that means risking his billion dollar business provoking a war with a former top ICA member Travis for a mere ten million dollar ransom. I say he’s more of a liability to Providence.



Maybe it is both? In one of the H2 cutscenes where Lucas Grey is in the asylum, his Providence board shows up for a moment and if you look closely you can see that Lord Beldingford and Alvaro are along with the other “main” members of Providence (on the right side of the picture). It’s the same pics that Ibbe posted above, even, just in black and white.

If Beldingford and Alvaro got included in the same board as the Partners, the Constant, and Soders themselves, then it’s a good enough indicator of them being Providence agents all along. Same thing could also go for Hayamoto. Perhaps when Lucas Grey investigated 47’s past targets, he found some of them were secretly Providence members, so that’s why they were included in his board in Colorado.

I think that’s a given. Not only do they have the same last name but I’m pretty sure Amos mentions having a brother in Hokkaido, when he’s talking to his lawyer on the phone or something.



Three words: Claus Hugo Strandberg.

That said, I can’t imagine someone like Dexter being part of a global conspiracy. He probably thinks of himself as an alpha male who doesn’t let others boss him around.



which is why Zaydan was going to throw him from a helicopter after it was all over



Something that needs to be pointed out here. That list was created after several of them were killed. So why aren’t they crossed out?




Here’s the updated one from Emil in Discord



Where’s the original image from? I thought it was from Colorado, but the Colorado one is different.



I feel like I’m spamming this link, but I did a run-down on this image and the people in it a while back.



I’d argue that Dexter was too small-time to be of interest to Providence. Although he might have been successful once, his assistant (Layla) states they’re in dire need of cash - hence why he was desperate enough to abduct Victoria from the Agency - and this can be seen by the derelict buildings and rusted factory from which he operates. The arms dealer from another company, at the factory implies Dexter is a has-been in the industry, and would explain why he’s staying in a run-down hotel (not the Blackwater) in Chicago, and haggling with Wade over insignificant sums of money.



Oh. That’s great :+1:



That’s either genuinely appreciative, or unapologetically sarcastic.

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Not sarcastic at all. I have no reason to be sarcastic
We’ve been discussing in December in the Discord so it’s nice to have them all listed as we didn’t know everyone.



Then I’m glad it can be of some help to someone.

Because it was done two years ago, some of the information on there has since been supported by discoveries like the name ‘Biosphere’ in the Colorado mission, and ‘Schaeffer-Moore’ in the Hokkaido one.

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