PS4 - Can't access bonus episodes


Hello all, I just bought the goty edition of this game after completing the majority of the content. I would like to play the two bonus episodes LANDSLIDE and HOUSE OF SAND but even with the GOTY i cant access them…and when I try to download them it says content not available on PSN. Did I just get screwed out of 20 dollars for content that doesn’t exist anymore for whatever reason? Thanks in advance.


You can talk to IOI staff members on the forum which all have “IOI” ast the end of their name. I don’t have a PS4 nor am I ine of the developers or creators but I suggest you check out your steam library if you have all 3 bonus episodes (The Icon, Landslide and A house built on Sand) If you have all of them restarting the game or talking to employees might do the trick. If you jave only 2 of them Emailing one of them shall also work, for a free episode (or two). You can also download files if you don’t have them or even delete files that don’t help. Or IOI just needs to fix smething


@Travis_IOI, I tried searching Hitmanforum and Google to no avail… Maybe you can help him?


thanks for the reply, but i dont quite see how checking steam, on pc, will help me be able to access the bonus episodes on ps4. a good question would be if there are others that get the same message when trying to access those bonus episodes or if they are just unavailable for me. though it cant be someone who has previously purchased/downloaded them of course. i checked the ps store online and on the ps4 but there is nothing there. the only addons are the requiem pack


No problem for the reply always trying to make people get help :slight_smile:

But otherwise I really advise you to message the most constant developer on this website called @Travis_IOI who is available anytime just Email him to fix the problem for the PS4 store.
Also i am sorry I didnt mean to say steam I meant to say PS4 store which you did - I advise you to check it once more for any disturbance in the mechanism or if they are simply not downloaded.
You maybe aren’t playing in online mode since you have to be online for playing bonus episodes.


Can you tell me what country you are in and also what you’ve purchased? Please be exact and specify whether it’s the digital or disc versions?


United States. I have the complete first season disc version. I played and completely finished the main destinations starting from the ICA training facility through Hokkaido Japan. I then purchased the GOTY digital upgrade assuming it would allow me access to the bonus episodes, I. E. Landslide, the icon, etc. Which it did not


If you own the disc version, then it will came come with a voucher/code in the box that you can redeem. That’s how to get the Bonus Episode.


I guess that makes sense. Its a used copy that i own. Didnt hear anything about there being a voucher, I suppose now the hunt begins to try and find one for sale. If this is the case thank you for the clarification Travis I appreciate it. Lets say I were to buy the digital GOTY edition completely separate from what I currently own, would I have access to those bonus episodes? thanks again


He is not a developer, tho.


If it’s a used copy, you would need to find a code separately. If you were to buy the GOTY Edition separately from what you own now, you would get access to the Bonus Episode, yes.


No you don’t I have done this and no bonus episodes and the box is ticked feeling like I have been robbed here I go buy the game, content is Locked out so I buy the goty edition says unlocked go to play it’s locked I have uninstalled and reinstalled and Psn won’t refund it either :rage::rage:


I got Hitman from PSN Plus (containing the ICA Missions only) and upgraded to GOTY. But I can’t find the Bonus Episodes in PSN (Germany) in the USA PSN I see it. Are those not available in Germany?


Hi Travis,

I have what sounds like the same problem. Purchased Hitman preplayed so the code didn’t work obviously. eB Games said if we bought game of the year edition it would unlock. So we have original version disc and bought GOTY upgrade from the PSStore. The bonus episodes are visible in the game but inaccessible, and there is no add-on content to download.

Is it only available for physically purchased GOTY editions?

Region: Australia


here it 2019 and still no bonus episodes for those of us that bought the game used, then added goty thru psn. Fix this why don’t you???