[PS4] Can't Redownload/Install Paris Episode

I haven’t played Hitman (2016) in about a year and I’m not sure what version I have, other than I have previously had access to and finished all the episodes from that period, so I presume I bought the full season version.

I’ve gone to reinstall it and all other episodes from Season 1 are working fine, but it’s saying that I don’t have access to play Paris and would need to buy it. So I go to install Paris through the ingame store and it brings me to the Playstation Store [IE] where it says I can’t download is as it’s already installed. I’ve tried “restoring licenses” as has worked for some people, and tried deleting it and reinstalling all the episodes again, but nothing seems to be working.

Not really sure what I’m supposed to do from here? Anyone from IOI any ideas or was an actual solution to this problem (which seems pretty common) actually ever found? Can send screenshots and any other details to IOI if needed!

I managed to solve it, I’ve literally spent all day on and off on this! Just in case anyone else is wondering, I don’t think you can actually solve it on the PS4 itself.

I went onto the Playstation Store on my browser, and on the top right there will be your PSN id name, mouse over it and you’ll be able to go to the Download List and keep searching through it until you find the individual Paris download file and just click download from the list.

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Hey this didn’t work for me, do you know how else to solve this?