PS4: Crash CE-34878-0 when killing too many people, both locations

Playing Hitman they way it’s intended to play is fine; I’ve beaten both Paris and Sapienza with no non-target kills, everything was pretty much OK.

However, I also like to play Hitman in a serial killer mode: kill everyone in the level. Every single person. Try to not get spotted for as long as you can. It’s fun!

What’s not fun, though, is that the game starting to crash after certain point. Initially, I thought this was only in Sapienza, but after attempting the same thing in Paris lead to the same crash. It seems to be technically impossible to do this due to the crash. 1.05 didn’t solve the issue either.

It’s not. Done it a few times already in Paris, haven’t tried it in Sapienza.

started a thread on this when Paris first came out, apparently it’s an unfixable error that is ps4 specific. It’s a well known error that Sony never bothered to fix. Haven’t had it happen though since I re-installed game. Try deleting game, and redownloading it.

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Interesting. Do you play on PS4, though?

PS4: Crash CE-34878-0 when killing too many people, both locations

ce-34878-0 is the most common error code on PS4, in most cases it’s a PS4 system error code, [quote=“diversario, post:1, topic:6850”]
kill everyone in the level

I did the master disguise challenge in one round and in the end the game stuttered so bad and i got this error code, i think we overload PS4 so it has to shut down.

This error code is not exclusive to Hitman, this error code appears in many other games i play.

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Thanks, guys. I’m fairly new to the console world so I’m not really familiar with these apparently common things.

I get that message on every game I play for unexplaonable reasons.

I recall working at Nintendo 20 years ago, we were about to roll out GoldenEye for N64 and a month or so before launch we had this closed-door play session with a bunch of magazine (!) game journalists, followed by a developer Q&A. It was E3 or GDC or something like that.

They loved the game (it was pretty revolutionary at the time, especially for console gamers), but at the Q&A one of the journos asked the Rare dev why the bodies in the game always disappeared after a couple minutes.

The dev looked a little confused, then said, “Well, if we didn’t do that, the game would slow down to a crawl and eventually stop altogether.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


interesting, maybe IOI should start making some bodie in Sapienza disappear

That would’ve made sense but in Hitman - the body count doesn’t change (devs: correct me if I’m wrong). They just go from an NPC to a body bag. Nobody is coming in or out of the level.

I did and it didn’t help :sob:

Mind you, in GoldenEye there was an infinite number of enemies on most levels where you could trigger an alarm.

When they told us about “Escalation mode” i had that kind of concept in mind :smile:

Too bad the PS4 can’t handle it :confused:

So, I reinstalled the system software (not just initialize, but actually reinstall the OS). Redownloaded Hitman, loaded one of the crashing savegames, killed one guy and the game crashed right away.

At this point, Hitman is the only game on my PS4 and I don’t really know what else could it be other than a bug in Hitman itself.

yeah, it’s something in the game. I haven’t had it happen on any other game, ever, until Hitman:World Of Bugs was installed. It HAS been okay for a while now, but can expect it to crash at any time.

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This is super disappointing. I mean, yeah, I can do the “approved” gameplay but I also like to fool around sometimes and now I can’t. :cry:

Oh, I realize that, my broader point was that games always push the limits of their current-generation hardware. For the Atari 2600, you could only have eight sprites onscreen at once. Nowadays, it’s all about FPS and textures and optimization. The words may change, but the hardware constraints on the developers’ imaginations aren’t all that different.

This sounds like it’s something PS4-specific related to Hitman though, which kind of sucks. My buddy has a PS4 and he’s had the same error on Fallout 4. Hopefully it’s something they can fix.

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the game is unplayable for me. I’m putting out feelers everywhere to try and find a fix. My PS4 is pretty much brand new and only has a couple of games on it. They all work fine except Hitman which crashes (in the basement of Sapienza - it was fine before that). But when it crashes the most recent saves seem to get corrupted and trying to reload into them just causes more crashes.

Might have to try and get a refund.

HITMAN:World of Bugs << I literally fell down laughing.


@IndianAgent47 @Franz and anyone else. My Mumbai keeps crashing!!! Subduing everyone in Rangan Tower and the Trainyard is shitting on my ps4.

I learned the point of no return. As soon as I knock out NPC number whatever it automatically crashes.

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