PS4 Dual Sense Controllers and the Hitman 3 experience


Do we know whether Hitman 3 takes advantage of the Dual Sense controllers of the PS5 with the immersive haptic feedback and dynamic adaptive triggers?

I can imagine being in VR and the visceral experience of the “crunchiness” through haptic feedback in snapping a garrote with the fiber wire, or the increasing tension on the adaptive triggers to push through a shotgun blast from a shotgun and the feeling of the subsequent recoil, the feeling of the warm pulsating blood spurting out of the the carotids from a knife kill. It could be a intense experience through this new PS5 controller.

Hitman fantasy kill porn.

Seems IO has something with Sony because when the PS5 was first shown Hitman was among the games presented so this gives me a conclusion IO worked close with them and had plenty of time adapting Hitman with the controller.
I can only imagine those triggers have function with the weapons, hand to hand combat and when being shot. As far as I know there is no news on this subject.